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Update - Urgent advice please ? induction tomorrow

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IWishIWasAFrog Mon 12-Oct-09 21:58:54

Dear Everybody,

Thank you so much for the very good advice last week. In the end, nothing went as planned, the lovely homebirth I had hoped and planned for morphed into an induction with epidural, IV antibiotics etc, but it all turned out absolutely fine, in fact, in the end it was a wonderful experience. I was quite sick just before baby was born, had a v v high temeprature and pulse, registrar was hovering for a ventouse, etc, but the little one was born after 1 hr 20 mins of pushing, teensie weensie tear that didn't need stitching and grazes (but now stings like hell :-)) weighing 4.305 kg, so no wonder he didn't descend! Also have to add, we had amazing midwives throughout, and the one that delivered my baby was so in control and looked after me so well, I really felt cared for. If anyone ever has doubts about Milton Keynes Hospital, don't!

Good luck to eveyone waiting for their little ones!


Monsterspam Mon 12-Oct-09 23:42:05

Congrats Frog smile

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