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How do I get my section?

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LissyGlitter Mon 12-Oct-09 00:48:39

I had a weird section with my first DD (basically an upside down T shaped cut was made on my womb as her head was trapped) and so I need a section this time. Every time I see a medical professional they tell me I should have a VBAC as there is a 0.3% chance of scar rupture, and I have to correct them and say actually with me it is up to 9%. The surgeon who did the section told me afterwards I would never be able to manage a vaginal birth.

One doctor (when I went in with suspected early labour) even said I wouldn't have had a cut like that because it is so rare and would be in my notes! I told her I had DD in another area and the consultant said he was writing off for my notes weeks ago, and she just told me to ask at my 36 week appointment with him - DD was born at 36 weeks!

I have visions of having to argue for a section whilst in labour, as most midwives I have spoken to have never even heard of a T shaped cut.

I have also had serious mental health problems, and have been told to avoid stress at all costs. I have done my research and a lot of soul searching and I honestly feel that, on balance, a section is best for these reasons too. DDs birth was a horrific mess, mainly down to nobody seeming to know what on earth was going on, and so I am petrified of being left to labour with hardly any pain relief and being told I'm not really in labour and so on, followed by a section at 10cm and all the extra complications of an emergency section.

Are there magic words I can say that will make them see I am not making all this up? Or some way I can get my notes to arrive from Preston to Gateshead?

JoeyBettany Mon 12-Oct-09 08:13:04

Sorry to hear you are going through this .
I had an emergency section with my first after a prolonged labour and with my second, I knew I wanted an elective c-section.

I had an appt with my consultant at 32 weeks and was surprised at the hostility I got re: my preferences. I was almost harangued and bullied into agreeing to a closely monitored hospital delivery. I knew that being strapped to a bed in a ward was the last thing I wanted so I insisted in an elective c-section. Legally, they can't refuse you, but be prepared to have to be very assertive, which is not easy in late pregnancy.

I found out afterwards that consultants in my area are offered cash incentives by their primary care trust on successfully avoiding planned c-sections.


MrsHappy Mon 12-Oct-09 08:18:13

Did your consultant from the first time around send a letter to your GP? This should have explained the type of cut and that you would need a section in future. Call your GP and ask for a copy of that letter - it won't have been sent to your current hospital as a matter of course (mine certainly wasn't) but should be in your GP notes.
How far along are you? Schedule a consultant appointment in the next few weeks, go along and insist that they book a section for you on a date you feel comfortable with. I can't imagine a doctor is going to risk refusing a section where a woman is adament that she has been advised to not try a VBAC.

StealthPolarBear Mon 12-Oct-09 08:22:22

aaargh this sounds stressful! Agree you need to bang their heads together and get them to agree. Do you have any one HCP (midwife?) who gets it who you could talk to and explain the whole situation (inc the frustrations you're having) and get them fighting on your side?

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