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Monsterspam Sun 11-Oct-09 00:36:57

Just wondering (as I had an epidural which failed), if you had an epidural (for a vaginal birth) how much pain did you feel?

heverhoney1 Sun 11-Oct-09 00:43:34

I felt nothing that I could describe as PAIN after I has the epi, I could still feel certain sensations but it wasnt paintful (and bearing in mind I had an episiotomy, a third degree tear and several other tears that required stitching I feel the epi was the worlds biggest godsend!)

Monsterspam Sun 11-Oct-09 00:46:56

Bloody hell, bet you're glad you had it!

heverhoney1 Sun 11-Oct-09 00:59:30

There is a school of thought that would say there was a possibility that what happened to me MAY not have happened had I not had the epi, due to positioning/ active labour etc. HOWEVER that is a huge MAYBE so yes I am forever grateful that the lovely anaesthetist did a cracking good job sticking that great big needle in my back!! My personal opinion on the matter is that I think it actually saved my life as I was increadibly calm through it all (Baby stuck half way out and crash team called). Had I beed able to feel the pain and have been aware of exactly what was going on I think my BP would have gone up and I would have lost even more blood than I did.

What happened to you Monster?

beautifulgirls Sun 11-Oct-09 10:17:47

Hi Monsters - I had an epidural with both of my DDs. The first time it only took on one side to start with - very wierd having one sided pain! They resited it and things were a lot better - I was able to feel contractions and push, but the pain was gone with it - so hard to describle really.
With DD#2 they epidural didn't work at all for me, so like you I had the whole birth experience with the pain - for me it was a total nightmare and I can certainly say despite the technical issues with my first birth (would have happened epi or not) it was a better birth experience from my point of view.
I guess you are asking to help make a future choice? Well, if so I would say just go with the flow at the time. Despite hating Dd#2s birth due to the pain, I am still hopeing to have baby#3 without epidural if I can, but open to change if I need to at the time. I wouldn't hesitate to ask for an epidural if I needed one again though. I guess I was just unlucky it didn't work. We didn't have time to resite it last time, but I'm sure they could have sorted it if time had permitted.

Monsterspam Sun 11-Oct-09 21:56:36

Well, I was induced and things moved along quite quickly. Was put on the drip at 12 noon and she was born at 16:37. I couldn't concentrate with the gas and air so decided to go for an epidural - didn't have any effect whatsoever - I remember crying saying "I can't do this". They gave me an injection of something (no idea what) which didn't seem to touch the pain at all. I had quite a bad tear (don't know what degree - wasn't told and too young at 22 to feel I could/know to ask) and then 30 secs after dd being born she was whipped from me and into dh's arms and he was told to sit in the corner. I haemorrhaged (again, don't know why) and lost 5 pints of blood. There was a lot of fuss and basically dh thought he would be a single dad. I remember a nurse holding my hand and telling me what a fighter I was (I didn't have a clue what she was on about!). The consultant came bursting into the room with a few students and he sorted me out.

Just typing this has been quite cathartic as I realise how many hang-ups I have about something that happened 7 years ago. blush

Thanks for taking the time to reply. BG - you are right, would love another child but can't seem to get over the birth part! Just trying to do some research to cover all eventualities! smile

RubyBooBerry Sun 11-Oct-09 22:00:51

I was induced and after 10 hours I had an epidural.
The pain totally went away and it was wonderful, I got some rest. Until DD got stuck due to shoulder dystocia and they had to ventouse her out and it hurt like absolute bloody hell!!!!

notcitrus Sun 11-Oct-09 22:10:46

None whatsoever, except when it wore off a bit every 2 hours, when the SPD pain came back (I had it for my pelvis not for tha labour pains).
I seriously thought everyone was joking when they said 'there's the head!' grin

I was very lucky with both that and having an excellent job of an episiotomy and stitches - the bruise in my thigh from where they had to give me a rapid anti-haemorrhaging jab hurt way more than my fanjo for the next week! My pelvis took a couple months to really recover.

Rather nervous of giving birth again as I might have to do it 'properly'...hmm

Koala79 Mon 12-Oct-09 12:43:22

I had my first baby last Sunday after being induced. I went in with an open mind and no birth plan but after 3 hours and getting to 5cm dilated and being told I wasn't in labour by the midwife the whole time and begging her to examine me then I then begged for anything to take the pain away... A shot of pethadine (which for some reason made me high as kite and talk about Noel Edmonds riding a horse?!) and then I asked for an epidural. Best thing I ever did. Baby's heart rate dropped after 10 mins of pushing so I ended up with the panic situation and then a doctor, cut and stictches. I felt zero pain from any of this and the contractions and yet didn't lose the ability to move my legs either. 30 mins after birth I got off the bed and walked to the bathroom. Baby was fine as soon as she came out. I have been telling all my mates to go for the epidural when the time comes and will def have another when it's time for baby number two!!

roxy12 Mon 12-Oct-09 14:03:11

I swear by Epidural! i loved it, it worked for me! i could feel certain sensations but NO pain!

About 30 mins before i had to start pushing they wouldnt let me have no more as they wanted me to feel when to push and that was painful (the baby comeing out) but i was still drugged up so wasnt as bad as it probably would have been if i hadnt had the epidural!

Monsterspam Mon 12-Oct-09 21:08:15

Thanks guys - so, if an epidural works as it should, I wouldn't feel any pain at all?

roxy12 Tue 13-Oct-09 10:56:12

You do feel certain sensations but you shouldnt feel any pain!

i didnt feel any pain until it started wearing off (when the baby was actually comeing out).

Your contractions shouldnt feel painfull, well i couldnt feel my contractions anyway!

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