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Head engaged at 36 weeks

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Hopeful2 Fri 09-Oct-09 21:36:28

Hi ladies,

just some advice really - I had MW today who told me baby's head is engaged & I am 36 weeks today. This is my 1st baby so I assume that the head can be engaged for a while until actually going into labour?? Could this mean baby will come early??
Also getting very nervous now - mainly about labour / pain / becoming a mum (I am sure these are all feelings / thoughts that goes through every new mum-to-be mind...

MrsHappy Fri 09-Oct-09 21:58:18

AFAIK it is pretty normal for a first baby to have engaged at 36 weeks and doesn't necessarily mean anything.
Can't advise re the nerves - I am 38 weeks with my second and rather afraid!
Good luck, though, you will be absolutely fine!

Freyfreysmum Sat 10-Oct-09 10:01:24

Hi ya - my best friend has just had her first baby, he was born one day early. Head was fully engaged at 36wk appt - means nothing. Sorry! x

Littlepurpleprincess Sat 10-Oct-09 10:07:00

DS was engaged at 36 weeks. He was born at 36 weeks and 6 days and was a fair size and very healthy. I beleive he came early because I am a very small person and couldn't hold on to him any longer grin lol, but I don't really know why. You will be fine!

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