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accupuncture from 38 weeks

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hazhawken Thu 08-Oct-09 18:14:01

i had an assessment for the whittington birth centre yesterday and they have offered accupuncture from 38 weeks to help labour come on time - or not late. does anyone know about the pros and cons of this ? i think the mw said that it helps the cervix to ripen - would be grateful for any thoughts or experiences
thank you !

MrsHappy Thu 08-Oct-09 18:54:06

I don't think there really are any cons. Acupuncture - performed by an appropritely qualified person using sterile needles - isn't supposed to have negative side effects.

I've not used acupuncture to get things moving before, but am going to try to book with my chap for Monday (am 38 weeks). I figure it is worth a try and worst case scenario I will have spent 40 minutes lying in a dark room relaxing instead of stressing about my blood pressure/impending birth etc.

Have you had acupuncture before? If not and you have any questions about it do ask away. smile

(Also - I am hoping to go to the birth centre at the whit too. They seem lovely there. smile)

FlouryBap Thu 08-Oct-09 19:12:53

if its free go for it. I had it a few days ago (40+) and was surprised that i didn't enjoy it coz i had heard it would be super relaxing etc. for me it wasn't - but I am a weirdo who hates massages as well. i am glad i tried it

becktay Thu 08-Oct-09 20:55:54

i had this at the whit and was truly great. not only helped me relax but i also believe it helped me achieve a vbac. alex, james and the lovely lady that work there are fab.
labour came late again but was spontaneous this time. i kept pressing those acupuncture points and braxtons built up into real contractions. i
good luck!

Rosebud05 Thu 08-Oct-09 21:10:25

I love acupuncture and have found it fabbo for all sorts of pregnancy and birth things (scientific research also bears this out!). If it were free, I'd look like a hedgehog, so for for it!

becksydee Thu 08-Oct-09 23:33:50

do it do it do it

i saw james, the guy who runs the post-dates acupuncture clinic at the whittington, privately (was booked into uch so couldn't take advantage of it for free) and he's lovely & v good.

saw him 3 times, last time at 39+6 - didn't go into labour until 41+1 but i'd got to 3cm dilated by 41+0 without any pain or discomfort whatsoever! it was worth every penny, so if you're getting it for free then you should definitely go for it.

at the last appointment james asked me to get my DP to come along and he taught him some acupressure points and massage techniques to help me during labour - not sure if that's part of his service at the whittington, but it was very useful if so.

hazhawken Fri 09-Oct-09 22:07:35

ooh great, thanks guys, really useful to hear your thoughts. i think i'll go for it. i've had acupuncture before for other things and liked it then. worth a go and sounds like nothing to loose !

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