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Calling Pupuce

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bubble99 Thu 09-Jun-05 21:17:43

I haven't talked to you for ages. Just wanted to see how you are.

pupuce Thu 09-Jun-05 21:24:03

How sweet
I am not often on Mumsnet at the moment.... so quite lucky that I loged in and saw your message !

Ups and downs - too complicated to discuss on-line....

How are you doing? I shoud follow things up I know !!!

Thank you for asking though

bubble99 Thu 09-Jun-05 21:35:00

Good to hear you're OK pupuce. I hope the ups and downs sort themselves out.

I'm OK, still being affected by my nearly 4 month old CS scar I'm sure if I'd planned a CS it would be easier but I still feel traumatised by the whole thing. We're actively (well, when I'm not asleep ) planning baby number 4. I never anticipated 4 children but after losing Bo in such a horrible way I don't want Elijah to miss out on a mate/sibling and, selfishly perhaps, I don't want that traumatic event to be my last experience of childbirth.

Mr Bubble says that if we're lucky enough to get pregnant again we have to have another CS. He's terrified of losing me. But I really want another VD. If I do and if the docs and M/W's say it's OK, I'm hiring you, if you agree.

pupuce Fri 10-Jun-05 09:52:44

Hi Bubble

Sorry - again just saw this - went to get kids at the airport (they were in France).

There are plenty of women who have planned sections and don't heal well (I know as I work for some !) and Marina is a good example of someone who has had planned section (not her choice but an OB decision) and she had a hard time.
So don't think that it is the emergency that necessarily made it worst though in your case I am sure the emergency was traumatic so it didn't help!

I am glad you are looking at another birth and I am also pleased to hear that you are not detered from VD as you were quite keen in the first place! Though I am sure others might if they had experienced what you did. Everyone's choice should be respected.

I am very honoured that you would want me to be your doula - of course we'll cross that bridge when you get to it

BTW - have you thought of calling Birt Crisis? One of my clients did (I missed her birth as she had an emergency induction at 35 weeks and I was away - I wasn't on call just yet!).... anyway she said they were VERY good.

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