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Anyone else have a history of tearing and needing theatre repair?

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samuel447 Tue 06-Oct-09 20:59:55

I am due in 4 weeks with baby #4. With my previous 3 labours I have delivered naturally, all be it very quickly (1st 8 hrs, 2nd 1 hr, 3rd 10mins!!!) Had quite extensive 2nd degree tears with all 3. Problem starts here.. I deliver baby with gas and air each time, painful but no huge deal. Then, the local anaesthetic inj for stitching has absolutely zero effect.. literally none. Something seems to happen to my body immediately after delivery and stitching up feels like I'm being tortured alive with kitchen knives!! It is the most horrible experience. I then of course end up having to go theatre for a spinal block and spend an hour or so in there, legs in stirrups, numb from the waist down. I am so desperate to avoid this for a 4th time - and also so frustrated as to why the local inj doesnt work for me. Wondering if I am alone in this? An epidural doesnt seem to be the answer as with a ten minute labour with number 3, guessing will be no time. I am being induced to avoid an unplanned homebirth..

any thoughts appreciated

samuel447 Thu 08-Oct-09 13:57:05

bump ?? anyone??

brockleybelle Thu 15-Oct-09 23:39:42

I'll bump it for you, but afraid I don't have any advice. hope someone on here can help!

violethill Fri 16-Oct-09 08:56:47

Wow never heard that one before,

The only thing that springs to mind is that because you seem to be very good at delivering babies on just gas and air (you describe it as painful but not awful), do you think it makes the pain of stitching RELATIVELY loads more painful? With mine, I found the crowning and actual birth, along with tearing, so excruciating, that I honestly found the stitching a breeze. On one occasion the doctor did a stitch where the local anaesthetic hadn't taken effect, and I winced slightly and laughed it off, which seems unthinkable! So kind of the opposite way round to you!

Doesn't really offer a solution for you I'm afraid, but I just wonder whether that's why it effects you so much.

ILikeToQuickstepItTangoIt Fri 16-Oct-09 09:05:06

Every local inj I have had takes ages to take affect and I need a lot of it.

Do you think this could be the same for you? Are the staff rushing to get the stiching done and not giving your body time for it to work?

Speak to your MW about it before the birth and don't be fobbed off. If she hasn't heard of it before, as her to speak to someone who can give her answers/ideas.

Have you birthed in the same position each time? Maybe there is something you can do to minimise tearing? A change of position, breathing the baby out etc.

10 minutes is very bloody fast!

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