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No Birthing pool in hospital but would really like to use one...

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dizzytrout Mon 05-Oct-09 20:15:19

I'm 37+5 with 1st and have been suffering with SPD which is slowly getting worse. I have found it is relieved when I am in warm water, as are lots of other pregnancy pains.
It hadn't really crossed my mind before but I'd really like a water birth if I can as I think it would really benefit me, only problem is that the hospital I'm booked in with doesn't have one.
Does anyone know if it's been heard of where you can hire them and take them to hospital or is it just my imagination?! smile
I don't think I'd be allowed to have a home birth due to some previous complications.

NinthWave Mon 05-Oct-09 20:18:29

I've heard of it - in fact I asked my hospital if it was possible, but they said no as the maternity unit is on the first floor and they couldn't guarantee the floor would hold all that water.

Other hospitals let you AFAIK, though logistically it might be tricky: most units don't send you to a labour room until you are in established labour, and you'd have to have someone willing to inflate/fill it, plus a handy water source for the hose.

dizzytrout Tue 06-Oct-09 08:14:49

Thank you NinthWave, I remember when I had my booking in appointment, the midwife at the hospital said something about them getting one by October, but I don't think it's materialised. I think it would be a simlar problem there as the Maternity unit is on the first floor there too.
I'll mention it to the community midwife tomorrow and see if she can help

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