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40w+4 and in 'unestablished labour'. Getting fed up and exhausted!

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milkmummy1 Mon 05-Oct-09 18:37:48

Ive been getting irregular contractions of an evening since last wednesday and today and last night its been really painful (always happens when you want to sleep doesnt it?)
Have rung hosp a few times but they said its not proper labour until contractions are regular, at least 5 mins apart and that they dont need to see me til then.
last night and today they have become regular 8 mins apart but hosp still said not to go in yet. they said to put the tens on, have a bath, take paracetomol etc. Done all that. It still bloody hurts (already!)and im worried that they havent seen me to check that baby is ok.

Had a previous c-section at 36 weeks for undiagnosed breach and am also worried about having another section if things dont progress this time. Really dont want another major op.

Has anyone else had any experiences with unestablished labour and why this happens? most of my friends just went straight into labour wheras with both my babies it has dragged on a few days. I just want it over with now. How much longer could it be? The hosp has said previously that they would either induce me after a week or do another casearian but as i said dont want another casearian. Urggghhhh!!

slushy06 Mon 05-Oct-09 19:38:06

How long have they been that regular and how long are they lasting I was having irregular cc on dc2 every night for a week and just as they got regular they would stop but after they regulated I gave birth 10 hours later. I was also sent home from hospital they said unestablished and that I was 1 cm even though I had been 2 cms two days before dd was born 2/12 hours later.

Things might really pick up now for you have you tried a bath to help with the pain. Sending labor vibes and virtual hugs hope things are over for you soon.

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