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Midwife Led Unit Malton North Yorks...

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BexJ78 Sun 04-Oct-09 22:42:23

I live in York and am interested in possibly having our baby at a MLU rather than York Hospital...does anyone know if the unit at Malton is still open? I think it was due to close because a new MLU is going to open at Scarborough Hopsital...
If not, any views on York Hospital?

hattyyellow Mon 05-Oct-09 10:41:22

I'd go for Northallerton if this is a possibility for you? I found them absolutely excellent and have known a lot of people change from York to Northallerton. York are okay but very big, very impersonal and apparently very section-happy. I've heard some negative stories about them. However, there's probably bad and good about everywhere if you dig hard enough.

Northallerton are running a reduced service at the moment but I think they are planning to re-open to full capacity.

Olissa Mon 05-Oct-09 11:16:47

York is a big unit but I can't say I found it impersonal, nor would I say they were that section-happy. Last I checked their section rate was 23.9% which I think is below the national average although admittedly still a lot! Instrumental delivery was also well below average. I admit to having one CS there wink but also had a VBAC last year at 42 + 4 and was very well supported during the endless wait. DD was in NICU and the special care staff are fabulous.

Their waterbirth room is apparently very nice and from talking to some of the midwives it seems underused - they are opening a second one this year though.

I was planning a homebirth for my first and found both my community midwife and consultant supportive of that too - would that be an option for you?

I understand you preferring to use an MLU if you can, don't get me wrong - I would still love to birth at home but am high-risk for all sorts of reasons, so will be having my third at York in January - just wanted to let you know that both experiences I've had there were in the main positive. Good luck!

BexJ78 Tue 06-Oct-09 13:05:52

Thanks both of you for your help!!
I have been considered a low risk pregnancy so far, so hopefully I will stay that way for the next couple of months. I think they are building a new pool at York, but not sure when it will be ready....not keen on home birth (don't really know why, just not! ), but just wondered if a MLU might be a slightly more personal experience...

Decisions, decisions!

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