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39 weeks +2 days. Period pains - is this it?

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SHARPIEGIRL Sat 03-Oct-09 16:17:04

Hello ladies - new to all this (mumsnet and first baby boy on the way) ...

Am 39 weeks and 2 days today. Have had medium period pains for several hours now - should I be concerned and go out and buy PJs for my labour bag? Did have an internal examination on Thursday night which was painful (as I had some fluid/ discharge leak) - and they said cervix would allow 1 finger tip.

This is my first - so slightly worried. Worried as all new, not really prepared (had assumed baby would be late as all babies in my family seem to be) and also I havent finished some work I had promised someone and I am self employed. Any advice from you experienced mums out there.

How long have I got do you reckon?

Thank you . Yours sharpiegirl

lynniep Sat 03-Oct-09 16:33:10

hi sharpie - wont be much help but wanted to bump your post. All I can tell you is that my labour started with period pains. So its possible yes. I'm not sure now is the time to go shopping though smile - best thing is to ring your midwife/delivery ward and see what they advise you. There is no way of anyone telling how long from over 'here' - my labour was under 3 hours.

lal123 Sat 03-Oct-09 16:36:34

DD1 was a week early - so notall first babies are late! My labour also started with period like pains - so this could be it! I don't think I'd be heading out to do any shopping - do you have a friend or partner who could pop out for you? Re the work - what type of work is it? It might just have to wait!

Hassled Sat 03-Oct-09 16:37:52

It might just be mild Braxton Hicks contractions, but it does sound like things are starting to get going. Have you had a show yet?

l39 Sat 03-Oct-09 17:03:59

I'm not a first timer, in fact this is my fifth! I've been having painful Braxton Hicks and backache since lunch time and have just been googling, - web says since the pain isn't getting any worse, it's definitely not labour. I'm only 38 weeks + 2, so probably got a month to go! It's quite disconcerting though. I don't think I ever had more than one or two twinges in a row in my earlier pregnancies until I actually was in labour.

I hope your pains ease off soon, and mine too! Do ring the midwife if you're worried, though.

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 03-Oct-09 17:06:52

My first arrived at 38 weeks, and once labour got going (waters broke at 36 1/2 weeks), the first obvious sign was period-like pains. So I would say get that bag packed!!!

Good luck!

SHARPIEGIRL Sun 04-Oct-09 09:44:01

39+3 and everything quietened down - so false alarm I think. Better go and buy those PJs today just in case though!

SHARPIEGIRL Mon 05-Oct-09 08:12:26

39+4 and off to buy PJs this morning just in case! ;-)

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