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40 + 6 days & so fedup!

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HELPLEE Sat 03-Oct-09 10:17:05

Today I am 40 weeks + 6 days, I feel so fed up, I have had two sweeps this week one on Tuesday and another one yesterday, it was then confirmed that I am 2cm dilated.

I then felt a trickle of water whilst out at the shops yesterday and again at 5pm, went to the labour ward last night where they monitored me and checked me to confirm that my waters have not yet broken and sent me home.

I have woken up today feeling very hormonal and have had a massive row with my OH, feeling very low and don't feel like I can even look after my daughter today. Feel under pressure to have sex and for my OH to ejaculate to bring on this labour, how unsexy!

I am absolutely hating this stage and have had to have a c cigarette this morning to calm me down, which I now feel awful about........please help me.........

merryberry Sat 03-Oct-09 10:25:10

you're so close. baby is coming. say sod it to sex, get dh to look after daughter. do something you really fancy doing. but step away from the fag woman! i had 19 days of pre-labour with ds2, popped at 40+11 and totally sympathise. try the acupressure points on this website to keep your hands busy if you fancy another fag, they won;t help you be strong for labour. glass of wine might help later

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