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Booked in for induction at 7am tomorrow, can't sleep, don't want to go back in (tmi alert)

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MsBrandybuck Fri 02-Oct-09 22:12:39

Hospital policy is 14 days over for induction but the consultant I saw on Monday suggested tomorrow (40+10) due to my SPD and anxiety levels.
I went in this morning for CTG and internal after what seemed a fairly heavy bleed at 3.30am. Was home again by 9am and now knackered after only a couple of hours sleep this morning. Bleed was thought to be either a show or more likely due to my persuading DH to get amorous about 3 hrs earlier blush.

Have been very crampy all day and have had a lot of mucousy loss this evening (old blood coloured).

I have not been offered a sweep yet. The consultant said things were definitely not favourable for induction on Monday.

Now considering going in at 7am anyway. See if they are happy to do a sweep and if so find out my Bishop score, and then possibly ask to go home again without proceeding to the full induction. Would this be a feasible plan?

Toady Fri 02-Oct-09 22:48:52

Absolutely this is a good plan if this is what you want, you are not overdue yet and seems like things are progressing.

I guess it really depends on how your anxiety levels are about the whole situation, a full induction starts the clock ticking and can bring on a lot of further intervention especially if baby is not quite ready to come out.

If it was me I would sit back and wait it out, like I said it sounds like things are starting to happen and you are NOT overdue until 43 weeks.

Good luck with whatever YOU decide to do.


BlueBumedFly Fri 02-Oct-09 22:51:12

Please do anythig safe to avoid an induction. I am no expert but it sounds to me like your body is getting ready without the need for an induction

good luck honey xx

MsBrandybuck Sat 03-Oct-09 03:38:38

Thanks both of you smile

Have actually managed to get a few hours sleep so feeling a lot better now. I really want to avoid a Syntocinon drip at all costs and know that any sort of induction increases the likelihood of it. Have actually told my consultant I would prefer a c-section to that option (She laughed hmm).

Saw a different consultant this week who was lovely. He has emphasized that as an "experienced mother" I know my body best and can refuse anything I see as unnecessary. Consultant thinks I am very unlucky to have gone over my due date this time as DS was 10 days early. The earlier than usual induction was put in place purely I think to help me relax a little - to have a date when I knew something would happen.

Well that date has arrived and I feel now that I can handle a few more days of waiting. Has really helped to 'talk' things through. smile

Toady Sat 03-Oct-09 13:34:28

I am pleased you are feeling better today, have you gone, what happened, am being nosy. Glad you saw a lovely consultant who has put your mind at rest, hope everything goes well for you and you will holding your baby soon. Let us know. smile

MsBrandybuck Fri 09-Oct-09 00:53:04

Toady Thanks for asking after me smile. Will post full story soon but just a quick update.

I ended up going through with the induction as I was 4cm when examined. Basically, induction failed and I ended up opting for a c-section rather than being put on the dreaded Syntocinon. Miss Brandybuck arrived at 8.02PM Sunday night weighing 6lbs 5oz at 11 days overdue and it looks likely that she would never have arrived safely without a CS so very glad I went through with the induction.

It was actually a pretty amazing experience in the end - far better than DS's 'natural' birth smile

Toady Fri 09-Oct-09 15:38:50

Congatulations MsBrandyBuck, glad everything worked out well for you and you made your own decisions.

Welcome to the world little Miss Brandybuck {smile]

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