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second birth after 3rd degree tear

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mummyofthomas Thu 01-Oct-09 22:02:57

hi all sorry this may be a long one
had my first son 13 months ago,I was 13 days overdue had low amniotic fluid so was induced & had epidural, had no other intervention thank god, he was 8lbs 11oz and I had a third degree tear Now I am 18 weeks pregnant with baby 2, am am definately still not right down there blush sex=painful,going for number 2=painful,standing up too long=painful,sitting down too long=painful. feels really tight down there to me but I have seen various midwives and a consultant 6 weeks after my first birth who said I was healing just fine. Is all this normal? I know I am a bit mad having another so soon. Is all this pain/tightness normal? Anyone had a better/worse experience with second birth? My midwife (same one as before who was great last time) kind of just dismisses my worries and says I'll be fine no reason to fear tear again. I am seeing a consultant at bout 35 weeks I think to discuss but last time I saw a consultant was a total waste of time they spent literally bout 2 mins with me and explained nothing. Can I get hold of and go over my previous births notes to try and see if there is anything I/midwives can do to help prevent tear this time? Please help me stop worrying about this birth and just enjoy this pregnancy. Sorry again for huge thread

TeamEdwardTango Thu 01-Oct-09 22:28:42

I had episiotomy and forceps birth with DS1. DS2 was a natural labour and my old scar tore, 3rd degree (not surprising really, he was 9lb 9oz).
The second time the healing was much quicker and less painful. DH says I look like a patchwork quilt, but it's certainly more comfortable than before.

AngiePlus2 Wed 21-Oct-09 02:18:32

Hi, jus thought i would post on here as i spent months trawlin the net and postin on sites tryin to find answers or get some1 to answer the same question.
Daughter was born Jan 2007, lying on back, quick delivery, 8lb7oz, third degree tear still feelin pain 2 years later, same as you sex, standing, sittin = pain. Found out i was pregnant jus before xmas n spent every waking second looking weather to have another natural or c-sec. Made my decision jus by thinking i wouldnt be able to pick my 2 year old up, hug her etc after a c-sec and thought that was going to make her resent the baby more. My son was born in August, 10lb 14oz, another quick birth, delivered on all 4s (much nicer birth) but another 3rd degree tear, was told in delivery room another trip to theatre sobbed my heart out.
There was no need. My son was 8weeks old on monday and i couldnt feel better, dont get me wrong the first week (yep jus 1week) = pain, but i hav only had the odd niggle since. Go for my consultant check tomorow but am not dreadin in the slightest. I am so pleased i opted for a natural if not i would guess i would still be in pain from the first birth down below and have the added worry of a scar across my front. Whatever you choose to do make sure its for your reasons and not because you are gettin pushed into anythin. Enjoy your pregnancy, i spent mine worryin and now wish i hadnt. xx

maxbear Wed 21-Oct-09 05:35:20

I've looked after lots of women who have had previous third degree tears and they rarely have them again, although it does happen occasionally. I would agree with previous poster, worth going for it, it may even help with the pain you are suffering at the moment. It has to be something you feel happy to do though. Hope it works out well for you.

mummyofthomas Thu 22-Oct-09 13:57:44

Thanks for your messages, I think I will go with VBAC unless consultant really advises otherwise and just hope for the best May be luckier this time

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