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what's it like being induced??

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Koala79 Thu 01-Oct-09 13:36:02

I am 41wks and 1 day and being induced Saturday. What are everyone's experiences of being induced?? I have been told to prepare for it to be a long old process and more painful (yikes!) and to ask for an epidural for this reason (by a couple of friends)...Thoughts?

mosschops30 Thu 01-Oct-09 13:39:10

It was great smile better than my spontaneous labour.
I used only gas and air and pethidine and it was a pretty good 6 hours long (compared to 25 hours of spontaneous labour).

Good luck, I wouldnt hesitate to be induced again if needed

droitwichmum Thu 01-Oct-09 13:41:05

I was induced with DS. From what I remember (and you don't remember much afterwards - just the good bit!) it wasn't that bad.
I would advise all the pain relief you are offered - the trainee midwife with me told me as soon as the other midwife went to get the equipment to ask for an epidural as soon as they put the drip in! Once I'd got that it was fine - be prepared for a wait though. It took 29 hours for DS to arrive but they did allow DH to stay throughout

Good luck

BornToFolk Thu 01-Oct-09 13:44:55

It varies a lot I think.

I was induced (by pessary) at 6pm Friday night, was in full blown labour by 9pm and DS was born by ventouse at 7am Saturday.

As DP was leaving the hospital on Sat morning, he saw a woman who was induced the same time as me, still hugely pregnant, walking the halls, trying to get things started!

My labour was very quick and very intense. There was no gradual build up, I went from nothing to big contractions 5 mins apart. I had pethidine at about midnight, then G&A at some point in the early morning, then finally a spinal block when I went into theatre.

You're more likely to have further interventions if you are induced so read up on those and on all types of pain relief. I was dead set against pethidine but it was actually just what was needed at the time.

You'll be closely monitored so they might not be keen on you getting up and moving around so make sure your birth partner knows if you want to do this so they can speak up on your behalf.

Good luck!

batgirl Thu 01-Oct-09 13:52:10

Mine was great too, again much better than my previous spontaneous labour. I appreciated being able to talk easily to my midwife beforehand & felt she & I were working together far more than 1st time round. Hospital policy was that if you are being induced the midwife stays with you all the time so again a plus over the previous time. Both my labours were quick & intense, but with my induced labour I managed with just a tens machine (another advantage was that I could put it on in advance of the induction so that it really had a chance to work) until the last few minutes when I switched to gas & air.
Looking back I always think of my spontaneous labour as my "medically managed" labour (episiotomy & forceps) & my induced labour as my "natural" labour - so please remember, that despite the horror stories people will tell you, it can be a really positive experience.
I hope it goes well for you.

Koala79 Thu 01-Oct-09 14:15:25

Ah that's brilliant thanks for the comments -I feel better about it. In a weird sort of way I feel positive about it because having a time and date to go in means I can really get everything prepared. Fingers crossed it won't take longer than 12 hours so I can watch X Factor ha ha

mama2leah Thu 01-Oct-09 15:20:14

i was induced..refused it after the gel..didnt want them to break my waters, as i didnt want the copy and paste it for u... below

mama2leah Thu 01-Oct-09 15:22:42

my birth story...
well i went to the doctors on wednesday for routine check up, as soon as i entered her room she started speaking of induction, which i wasnt keen for..i then said i wanted it proved that i need induction, so was sent for various scans, results showed small growth and placenta working to hard. advice for induction asap, i said no and i came home to think what i wanted, wrote on mumsnet..and made a decision that il go with it..went back to hospital to be sent back home at 2am..and return at 8 am. i returned was talked through induction and had a 24 hour gel put in... i walked, bounced, rested, pottered around nothing... friday 3am i woke up, bored and i though i need to bounce and walk because they are going to re-assess my condition at 11... well i bounced on the ball for 30 mins, and laid down..i started feeling a tummy ache..and thought has my labour started...
doctor came at 10 am, ctg showing irregular contraction, and i said to her i am in labour, this is what happened with dd, she didnt believe me and said my face says im not in labour ( silly moo) i said to her i dont want my waters broken, she said nothing they can do, i asked how far dilated can i be before u wont break my waters she said anything more then i went walking, bouncing... come 11:30 i was 4cm dilated wooohoo!
i had a brilliant midwife, who i told i wasnt keen on intervention and i wanted a natural birth...she supported me, and didnt really understand why induce me for a small baby judging by my size.
from 11:30 then she checked me, she done a sweep ( whcih was beter then having my waters broken) and then i started getting contraction every 2 mins, stronger and longer... by 1:30 i knew i was in labour, still not that painful, i threw up...and got moved to delivery suite at 2:30...while midwife preparing the room, and i was just laughing with her, dh went to get something...he left my waters broke i was in shock and laughing, midwife checked said i was only 6 cm and said my dh should return quick or he will miss birth, and which point i said he is bloody never around wen u need him! lol as he walked into the room, i had the urge to push ( 2mins later) i panicked thinking im only 6cm, midwife said breath out, i breathed and she was born! i was in shock, 3 puffs of gas and air, it didnt even kick in!!!!
the doctor was horrible, and patronising, my midwife was amazing, supportive, encouraging and gave me the best birth experience from my worse nightmare...

labour 4 hours total!

Ladyem Thu 01-Oct-09 16:32:43

Don't you just love it when 'friends' tell you something is going to be awful! I remember being told during my 1st pregnancy to enjoy the next couple of months because "once the baby arrives, your life is over", hmm.

I was induced 6 weeks ago and it was fine. No different really to my 1st labour which was spontaneous. I just had a sweep and a pessary at lunch time which was enough to start me off and I had DS by tea time the same day! Just G&A as was so fast. I'm told that the drip does make things more painful, but you might not even need that, so I'd just consider your options and what you want to do in each circumstance, then just look forward to the fact that you'll be holding your LO very soon!! grin

Good luck xx

mrswill Thu 01-Oct-09 22:21:52

I think it depends on a lot of things. Whether you've had a normal birth before, and also how 'ready' you are too. You could ask about your bishops score to find out how successful induction maybe for you, and if its not favourable push induction for the 14 days over.
I had what seems to be the usual story on here, long intense labour with c section at the end. But everyones story is different, the girl who was being induced along with me, had the baby right infront of us, with no pain relief, and was walking round and hour later doing her makeup!
Id play it by ear pain relief wise, although sometimes they refuse you pain relief if you havent reached a certain no of cm dilated. I wasnt given so much as gas and air for the 1st 24 hours even though i was having strong contractions according to the midwifes as i wasnt dilatang, but once on the drip i managed with gas and air until the section.
Best of luck and i hope it all goes well for you.

cheerfulvicky Thu 01-Oct-09 22:38:07

It depends how ready your body is to labour - that impacts a lot on what your experience of induction will be. My body just... well, wasn't. Once the drip went in it was horrible, and I had an epidural a few hours later. If I was induced again I would use TENS like before for the pessary etc, but no way are they inserting that drip without first giving me an epi. That's just my viewpoint. Epidural lowered my blood pressure (which had been very high - why I was induced) and the baby didn't react well to that. He was born with help from vontuse, and I was totally numbed as they were going to give me a CS if the vontuse/forceps didn't work. They were concerned because his heartrate was dropping towards the end.

But I hear LOTS of positive stories about pretty natural births where it just took a gel/pessary to get them going. And you don't HAVE to be tethered to the bed with monitors on - they just like you to do that. Be bolshy. Coach your birth partner so they can speak on your behalf. Remember you will meet your baby soon
Good luck!

weegiemum Thu 01-Oct-09 22:45:49

My 3rd adn last labour was induced at 37 weeks.

Had pessary at 6am, and went back to sleep (was in hospital and had been for a few weeks with health issues - why I was being induced!). Woke again with mild contractions at 8.30.

Was 2cm at 1pm (having walked around all morning - I was in tears at this point). Did lots more walking around.

Suddenly it all kicked off and dd2 was born naturally at 6.01 pm.

Was painful, but no more so that spontaneous labour with ds (dc2) and far, far less painful than 1st labour (which was back to back adn augmented) with dd1.

I think it depends on how you are being induced - by breaking waters, or drip, or gel/pessary. I had only gas&air in my induction adn it was fine.

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