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I am in labour, surely, aren't I?

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Deeeja Thu 01-Oct-09 10:07:55

I had some cx yesterday that stayed the same, for the whole day, a small change in level of pain, but no change in timing. Went on all day until tailing off a litle at 2am. So I went to bed and kept dreaming I was having cx that I had to breath through. I woke up at 6 am with the pain. They were coming regularly 18 minutes apart and lasting 1 minute. Since then they have got closer together and are now 8 minutes apart, and the pain has increased. They are still lasting 1-2 minutes and I can not talk through them, and can not walk through them.
I am in labour aren't I?

glasgowlass Thu 01-Oct-09 10:10:22

Sounds like it!

I would phone labour suite(if your having hospital delivery) and notify them, they will tell you to stay at home and take paracetamol probably but good to let them know anyway.

Good luckgrin

beautifulgirls Thu 01-Oct-09 10:13:00

Sounds very promising - give them a call and have a nice easy labour and birth smile

PlumBumMum Thu 01-Oct-09 10:14:18

You sure are, better ring someone and started getting sorted
Are you having a home birth?

oh and good luck

princessmel Thu 01-Oct-09 10:14:35

yes! grin

PlumBumMum Thu 01-Oct-09 10:19:08

Hey Princessmel I had been wondering about you, how are you? hows bump?

princessmel Thu 01-Oct-09 10:39:01

Hi PlumBumMum grin

I'm ok thanks Check out my new (unanswered) thread in childbirth, you may be able to help....

puffylovett Thu 01-Oct-09 15:14:54

oh hi deeja, me too ! lets hold hands grin

mine are approx 10 mins apart, lasting 30 secs so early days. I have just been on my hands and knees cleaning the kitchen floor. Probably not a good idea seeing as my BP is sky high !

Hope you're doing OK...

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