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Dr Lorna Phelan

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babyJan2010 Mon 28-Sep-09 15:34:45

I am looking to go private in the Lindo wing, does anyone have any experience of being treated by Lorna Phelan and any feedback.

Any comments appreciated
Thank you

ImoTheo Sun 04-Oct-09 15:43:31

Hello, I had my baby boy under Lorna Phelan at the Lindo Wing. What can I tell you? She is utterly amazing! Her bedside manner - so caring and nurturing. She was incredibly sympathetic to all my concerns and I could ask the dumbest questions and she didn't flinch t all. Quite frankly, I would say to anyone considering going privately to consider her first - she is brilliant. My birth had surprise complications which she handled with such aplomb and put the care of our baby and me above and beyond anything that could hinder our welfare. I trusted her one hundred and 50 per cent and would, if we had another child (we have four between us now), not have anyone else but her look after me. If you get her, you've hit the jackpot. she is quite careful not to take on too many private pa
tients so that she can develop a decent relationship with each. Hope that helps.

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