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39 weeks, head not in pelvis, baby still all over the place - will it knuckle down ok?

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FlouryBap Mon 28-Sep-09 13:36:20

Hello, I have just had my 39 week check for my second baby today and my midwife said that the head was still not down in the pelvis. I am still walking normally so was not surprised about this. This baby has what they are calling an unstable lie as he has been changing positions merrily over the last month (yesterday back to the left, today back to the right). I have negligible stomach muscles to hold him in place as I had my first baby fairly recently. Last weekend I am pretty sure he was down there as had the whole cowboy walk, sore pelvis thing, but then he popped out again.

I am planning on having a homebirth and my midwife has said that i have to call them as soon as i start contracting as they have to come out and check if the head is in the pelvis or not. If it isn't it is off to hospital for them to burst my waters while shoving him down hmm.

Any reassurance that the baby will settle down and stuff its head where it is suppose to be?

DianaTibble Mon 28-Sep-09 13:47:06

Hi there as an ex midwife of many years I wanted to let you know that second and subsequent babies don't need to be engaged cos as you rightly said muscles aren't as they were for first! However once contractions start the baby will engage, so no problem with your homebirth! however an unstable lie really means a baby that moves from cephalic (head down) to transverse (accross the belly) or breech or oblique...however it sounds as though your baby is just swinging around but staying with it's head down. Sit either on a birthing ball or a dining room chair back to front ie the back of the chair against your tummy and that will help your pelvis be in the most ideal position to encourage your DC to get down!!!
Good luck love Diana x

FlouryBap Mon 28-Sep-09 13:50:14

Diana - if i could give you a big kiss i would! Jumping on my birthing ball now.


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