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anyone had a 5th baby???

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truckerkaz Mon 06-Jun-05 17:22:15

hi, i'm just curious to know what 5th babies are like, especially birth wise as my 5th is due in december and i'm getting a bit nervous of how quick it'll be. my 4th baby was born in 2 and a half hours and was screaming the place down! lol anyone with experiences they'd like to share?

Nightynight Mon 06-Jun-05 17:26:24

ha ha no way truckerkaz, 4's enough for me
but I do think you're brave!

truckerkaz Mon 06-Jun-05 17:28:08

thanks this one wasnt planned so bit of a shock to say the least! this is my first time here btw

MarsLady Mon 06-Jun-05 17:36:37

I've had 5. 4 and 5 are twins. They are fabulous and surely by now you know it 'ain't nothing but a number

MarsLady Mon 06-Jun-05 17:37:03

welcome to mumsnet

ggglimpopo Mon 06-Jun-05 17:41:38

Message withdrawn

Tommy Mon 06-Jun-05 17:42:46

haven't had 5 but I am a fifth baby - so I think they're great

truckerkaz Mon 06-Jun-05 17:53:55

thanks for the welcome, my other children are 10,9,4,and 3. eldest 2 live with their dad and 4,3 year olds live with me and new partner. 10 yr old boy, 9yr old girl, 4 and 3 yr old boys. kyle, emma ben and liam respectively.

truckerkaz Mon 06-Jun-05 17:57:09

congrats ggg

mummytummy Mon 06-Jun-05 17:58:37

OMG - you lot are absolute heroines - how on earth do you manage? I struggle with just the 2!!! Good luck truckerkaz.

truckerkaz Mon 06-Jun-05 18:04:14

its a lot of hard work with one or lots of babies, but the more you have the easier it is to get down to it cos you know whats coming. the best advice i can give anyone whether new to being a mum or not is... stick to your guns as it were, stand your ground with them, if you say yes to something DONT change your mind cos thats the slippery slope to losing parental control!!! and say "i love you" to your children every day, looking them in the eyes as you do

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