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Is any kind of music ok for childbirth??? Or does it have to be appropriate?

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mosschops30 Wed 23-Sep-09 10:49:24

Am going to do a CD for labour as the hospital said we can bring something in if we like.
When I had ds I took in a cd called 'A Time For Peace' which my massage lady gave to me, and is something I use to relax to when having a treatment. (BTW it never came out of the labour bag)

However I LOVE the Killers, its the one thing I can really get lost in/sing along with etc etc and I wanted to do a CD full of my fave Killer's tracks.

Do you think thats innappropriate? Should it be something peaceful and relaxing, or just something you enjoy?

4andnotout Wed 23-Sep-09 10:54:43

I took a bag of cd's including black sabbath and me and mum were singing along right up until the end! Having music I loved kept me relaxed and calm

puffylovett Wed 23-Sep-09 11:22:57

Go with the Killers.

I'm having Elbow and Kings of Leon with a but of Muse thrown in grin

mosschops30 Wed 23-Sep-09 11:23:26

Thanks for that 4 smile. I just feel like I should be listening to whale music or something (although had no music for first 2) not singing 'i got soul but Im not a soldier' through the gas and air mask grin

5inthebed Wed 23-Sep-09 11:30:13

I wouldn't recommend Johnny Cash "Ring of Fire" grin

I've only ever had the radio on during labour/c-sections so can't really recommend anything. I'd go with music that you enjoy though.

tummytickler Wed 23-Sep-09 11:33:17

My dd was born to PJ Harvey - the shouty bits were fantastic for pushing to grin. My midwife said it was nice to have something that was not whale music grin.
Other dc's have been born to mixes of Stones, GreenDay, Pearl Jam, Django Rheinhardt and more - never had a complaint!

puffylovett Wed 23-Sep-09 11:50:45

grin 5inthebed - my DP keeps joking that he's going to rig up a hiddne stereo system in our kitchen for our planned home waterbirth, and as soon as I'm crowning he's going to hit the button and play 'Ring of Fire'

It's got the point now, where even my 2.5 yr olkd DS knows the words hmm as we're singing it that often

5inthebed Wed 23-Sep-09 14:26:20

lol. Could be worse, he could be singing "sex on fire" by Kings of Leon like my 6 year old has been all week.

smallone Wed 23-Sep-09 16:16:12

A bit of everything I think, I've got everything from air to aerosmith. Its good to have some relaxing stuff, and music that makes you smile or means something to you and then you need something upbeat for when you're on a mission! MWs said we had the best music on the delivery suite last time!

puffylovett Wed 23-Sep-09 16:20:48

blush that's one of my faves, I had planned to listen to that. Just realised the irony !

ILikeToQuickstepItTangoIt Wed 23-Sep-09 16:21:29

Just make sure you don't have songs that pump you up and release adrenaline. Adrenaline in labour is your enemy.

alypaly Wed 23-Sep-09 16:22:29

theres a fire down below...Bob seger

4andnotout Wed 23-Sep-09 21:27:11

'sex on fire' became my newbie breastfeeding anthem when dd4 was little, even the kids would sing 'woah my breasts are on fire' blush

dreamylady Wed 23-Sep-09 22:32:12

wow do people here actually know the words to kings of leon songs? we love 'em but we can't make the words out so have to make up our own!!!

sa-aaaaalty-y beef
stay-ay with mee......

DogAgain Wed 23-Sep-09 22:33:55

Message withdrawn

Grisette Wed 23-Sep-09 23:19:20

I was going to have sigur ros but in the end had radio 4.

ShrimpOnTheBarbie Wed 23-Sep-09 23:28:50

DH did me an ipod mix of general music i liked. I vaguely remember quite a lot of Michael Buble (sp?). Good to have some shouty fun songs to get through the hard bits - like when you're running up a hill!

Honeymoonmummy Wed 23-Sep-09 23:47:44

What about Torn by Natalie Imbruglia? shock

Have whatever you like. I listened to my ipod for the first half of the labour and found Norah Jones the best but I also listened to some fast ones.

smallone Thu 24-Sep-09 09:56:59

I might also add that we took about 8 cds last time and labour was so long that we got a bit fed up of them by the end.

CatIsSleepy Thu 24-Sep-09 10:01:54

i think mellow is good
have posted this before but when i was in labour with dd2 , we had the beta band 3 EPs playing.... and when she was actually being born 'push it out' was the track being played

i didn't actually really realise at the time-dh told me later

Laugs Thu 24-Sep-09 10:05:33

I agree to have whatever you like, but last time my playlist was pretty much the music I'd want to listen to on a night out (indie/ alternative stuff) and like ILikeToQuickstepItTangoIt said, I'm not sure if it was really helpful having stuff that got my adrenaline going (there was plenty of that anyway). This time, I'm going to try and choose songs that I like, but mellow, gentle ones. Still no whale song.

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Thu 24-Sep-09 10:39:09

God no, not inappropriate at all, killers would be ace, as would KoL, that kind of thing (adds to my own list).

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Thu 24-Sep-09 10:40:41

But I had for my own first labour/birth - jack johnson, indigo girls, cowboy junkies, 10,000 maniacs/natalie merchant.

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Thu 24-Sep-09 10:43:32

one of the songs I had on our CD was breathe by the prodigy

puffylovett Thu 24-Sep-09 10:59:17

indigo girls.. not listened to them for a long time. Love their Romeo and Juliet

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