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Is this urgent? (Maybe TMI...)

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firsttimetwins Mon 21-Sep-09 05:28:37

Am assuming nobody else is up right at the moment but am trying to keep myself busy. Am 31+5 with twins, at last 2 dr.'s appts my cervix had shortened to 1 cm (same at both appts so stable after first shortening). Dr said not to worry, but if there were any contractions, to go straight to hosp. Haven't had any contractions as such, but for last few days been "leaking" a bit more than normal (been leaking for some time anyway though cause twin 2 is playing football with my bladder!) and the liquid is clear rather than the normal yellowish of bladder leakage... Was ignoring it, but last night/this morning had a tiny bit of bloody mucous when wiping and on panty liner (sorry if TMI...) and a feeling a bit like mild menstrual cramps. My normal dr. opens at 10 am, it's currently 6.25. Have tried ringing hospital for reassurance but no answer at the moment, though they're meant to be there 24h. Thought about just heading to hosp but since there's every chance I'm just paranoid, reckon I might be better waiting for dr., who'll be open in 3 and a half hours anyway. Anyone got any thoughts?

toffeemonster Mon 21-Sep-09 05:38:22

have u tried nhs direct or just try ringing the hospital again, better to be safe than sorry!

firsttimetwins Mon 21-Sep-09 05:44:32

Should have mentioned I'm in Germany so system's a bit different here. Will try the hospital again now though.

firsttimetwins Mon 21-Sep-09 05:48:16

Got through this time, they said to go in...

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