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Thinking of inflatable birth pool- what do you hold on to?

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Bubbaloo2 Sun 20-Sep-09 15:54:53

I gave birth in hospital pool last time and could easily put my arms on the sides and hold on. The round inflatable ones look slippery... how does that work?

mummy2t Sun 20-Sep-09 16:39:00

hi, i havent had a water birth but some programmes i have seen have inflatable ones that have handles on. when i had ds2 i desperately needed something to grip onto, felt like i couldnt push if i could hold oneven got them to put sides of bed up so i could grip them! hope this helps or that someone else is along soon xxx

The one I had has handles (birth pool in a box). The plastic it's made of isn't at all slippery either so you can grip them. I loved mine.

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