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Options for second birth?

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pigleychez Sun 20-Sep-09 12:04:08

With DD I wanted a lovely calm natural water birth. In reality 14 days overdue, induced, hormone drip, stuck to the bed, Epidural, 27 hour labour ending with Forceps in theatre. Shoulder dsytosia,cut and still a 3rd degree tear.
Not quite what I had in mind!

Thinking about DC's birth now and wondering what my options would be.

Could I have a water birth this time as I still quite fancy it?
A friend was told after a 3rd degree tear she would have to have a section next time??

graciem Sun 20-Sep-09 17:16:44

my sister had a 3rd degree tear with 1st baby and quite bad scaring and infection atferwards but went on to have a water birth with 2nd baby.

MrsHappy Sun 20-Sep-09 17:18:43

There is no "have to" about having a section. AFAIK you always have a choice about how you deliver and where. It is just a question of finding HCPs who are supportive and/or negotiating with them.

I had a horrendous time with DD - 11 days overdue, "treated" to the protocol for induction (even though I laboured spontaneously -thank you idiot midwife who wrongly wrote my notes), stuck on bed, epidural, forceps and cs after 30 hours. This time I am planning to have minimal intervention, labour in water and no power on this earth is getting me onto a bed for CFM (without specific medical reason). So far I have met only minimal opposition from a Registrar, quickly resolved by telling her I wanted to see the consultant who told em the risk but agreed I must do what I want.

I reckon you could aim for a waterbirth, especially as not being stuck on your back on a bed seems to be a good idea where you are trying to avoid shoulder distocia. and water is anecdotally said to reduce chances of tearing.

Good luck - I hope you get what you want.

slipperthief Sun 20-Sep-09 21:30:37


Water birth is definitely on my wish list this time, with plenty pain relief.

On my knees, clutching the end of the bed worked well last time for me - the most uncomfortable of all of it was on my back on the bed for a 'lets see how far you are' check. 2nd degree tear and bruised knees but would do it that way again.

'Active birth' scrawled across the top of my birth plan helped lots I think.

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