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Could this be start?? TMI alert!

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mummy2t Fri 18-Sep-09 13:19:42

HI all, 38 - 40 weeks depending on who's dates i go by hmm
Been quite consitpated throughout pregnancy but today been 4 times already.
could this be start? head was already 2/5ths engaged last week.
what do u think?? btw this is 3rd baby so u would think i am aware of whats whatbut everything started before with waters going.

Mots Fri 18-Sep-09 13:28:29

It could be! From my experience last year, the day I went into labour I went about 4 times in two hours - but this was once the contractions had started (when I felt the first contractions they were about twice an hour). If it is the start of things, you will be pleased to have had a bit of a clear out before the REAL pushing begins. My waters never broke, they were broken much later on in labour.

LuluMamaaaaarrrrr Fri 18-Sep-09 13:30:01

sometimes having the runs can be a sign of your body getting ready to labour, but i would be more convinced by a show or some contractions

mummy2t Fri 18-Sep-09 13:34:31

yeah thats what i thought, never had a show with ds2 and only got contractions ( very mild ) an hour b4 i delivered, i do seem to think i was like this before my waters went as i had also been consitated badly but never actually pooed during the birth even though i was expecting to have about 9 months worth sat on bed with me lol, well we will just see what happens, i have ended up with the worst cold ever aswel so not the best time to go into labour so sods law i bloody will do!!!!!

Deeeja Fri 18-Sep-09 18:02:40

I had this a few days ago, as well as a bloody show, and am still here. I have been having period pains everyday, and it feels like baby is going to fall out.
But I am only 39 weeks, so hey hum
I hope it is the Real Thing for you.
Two labour threads, oh my, exciting day.
Good luck

mummy2t Sun 20-Sep-09 10:56:44

well no more, toilet action, no show, no baby, no nothing apart from getting a cold!!!
peed off, peed off, peed off!!!
BABY GET OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deeeja Sun 20-Sep-09 12:39:39

Ah sorry mummy2t.
I had cx last night, ranging from 3 -5 minutes apart and lasting for over a minute at a time, started at the beginning of the day at 20 minutes apart, slowly building up, then at 11pm faded away. A few today. I remember this with my last one.
There was a gradual build up, then a very fast labour on the actual day.
Chin up, you will probably have the same.

PinkTulips Sun 20-Sep-09 12:41:23

i had this on about 6 separate occasions in the 3 weeks before ds2's birth... sorry!

mummy2t Sun 20-Sep-09 15:06:24

what r u now deeeja?? i am either 39 or 40 weeks 2moro dependng on midwifes or my dates.
waters have always gone b4 contractions starting with other 2, could it be same this ttime? hope its not long for both of us xxxx

Deeeja Mon 21-Sep-09 16:38:57

how are you mummy2t?
I am around 39+4 or 5 or something.
I am feeling absolutely fed up today, and really irritable about everything. The kids are driving me mad, and am really having to bite my tongue.
Have the trotts again, and more show today tinged with blood.
Well suppose I can't stay pg for ever. hmm

mummy2t Tue 22-Sep-09 19:50:20

hi deeeja, i am still here, had back ache today and afew niggles under bump starting tonight. no show or anything but i cant recall having one with ds2.
i am fed up too, not so much fed up been pregnant more fed up of the constant questions and silly remarks " you still here" & " havent you had that baby yet" its soooooooooo tiring!
you got any other kids? i have 2 ds's ad this one is suppose to be a girl although i am not sure.

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