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anyone had an experience of a cystocele? tmi alert

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franfoxy2003 Tue 15-Sep-09 16:15:13

so i gave birth to my beautiful dd 9 days ago (6th) and it all happened so quickly 1st stage 2:15mins 2nd stage 4mins and 3rd stage 9mins, midwives had a bit of a panic after saying i had a cervical proplapse and kinda held it in for a bit (tmi) wa smade to sit with legs crossed for about 3 hours. Was checked over sat down and stood up and it appeared to have gone back in place.

4 days later something felt not right down there like something was trying to poke out. My mum had a look (nurse) and popped it back in. Saw midwife next day and she put it was a cystocele which according to the internet is my bladder protruding into my vaginal passage...bit confused weather its my cervix or bladder...

I have had a feel whilst in the bath (tmi again lol) and it doesnt appear to be my cervix so im inclined to think its my bladder...

if anyone has had experiences what can be done about it? Im doing my pelvic floors but is tere anything else that can be done??

Hulla Tue 15-Sep-09 16:51:28

I don't have experience of this fran but try this thread in general health

One of the other women there might know.

Moonspinner Tue 15-Sep-09 18:29:39

Hi Fran,

This condition is extremely common and highly reversible in postpartum women.

Come to to meet thousands of women who are learning to reverse prolapse naturally.


funtimewincies Tue 15-Sep-09 19:45:29

I've got one. In the days and weeks after ds' birth things just didn't feel right and so I mentioned it at the 3 month checkup. I was really surprised as I thought that I had a good pelvic floor and did my exercises like a good girl.

They're graded by how much is poking out, so worth seeing your GP. To a certain extent they get better naturally, as your hormone levels get back to normal. I also used the weights that you get from the chemist and pop in (blush) to help train your pelvic floor again as I couldn't move mine at all months after the birth.

My MW says that it won't interfere with a natural birth (I'm 30 weeks pg) but will probably happen again and might get a bit worse. The GP reckons that it might also get worse again when I go through the menopause but it can be hoiked back surgically if that happens.

Best to see your GP and see what he/she says. In the meantime, avoid lifting anything heavy.

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