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I want to be in labour but suspect these are really more Braxton Hicks :-(

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pasturesnew Tue 15-Sep-09 00:30:38

OK am either 38 or 39 weeks depending on my dates / revised scan dates and have been having painful contractions since 8.30 p.m.

This is DC2 and DS was born at 41 weeks.

I would totally think I was in labour but have been having really strong Braxtons at the same time of night for the last month. DH has gone to sleep now as he is convinced it is not real! No show, no waters, etc. but then with DS I didn't get any of this until transition anyway.

Have had a bath, was nearly sick but not quite, have taken some paracetamol and am wondering whether to crack out the TENS machine but it only has 4 electrode pads and if this isn't it I might not have the TENS for real labour.

I wouldn't mind if I were in labour but if this is yet more Braxtons it's just upsetting as I'd rather be in bed asleep!

Please come and sympathasise with / distract me, I know there are quite a few of us in the same boat at the moment.

Deeeja Tue 15-Sep-09 01:17:42

HI, I am up again. I have had very uncomfortable bhs all day today and yesterday. I have had diorrhea, and lots of weeing today. Have been every half hour or so this evening. I do not know where all the wee is coming from, but certainly know where all the bms are coming from.
Baby pushing dow lots, and lots of period pains/cramping pains. I wish I could go into labour too. I am also coming upto 39 weeks, and am really fed up. Everytime I fall asleep am woken by anoter bh and loo visit.
This is dc5, and I always go 1 week overdue, so dh not really taking me seriously. Unless I want to do the act.

pasturesnew Tue 15-Sep-09 01:26:52

LOL at your hopeful DH Deeja! Are you sure it's not waters leaking rather than wee? Could just be bladder pressure though.

Am reassured that with DC5 you still cannot really tell what is actually going on.

I am feelin less sick and crampy now so it must be BH, mustn't it? Pants.

Deeeja Tue 15-Sep-09 01:36:25

I did wonder if it was my waters going, but I managed to stop mid-stream, and I am assured that you can not do that if it is your waters going.
I might just try and sleep soon.
Hope to get another hour in before another loo visit.
Take care.

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