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graciem Mon 14-Sep-09 09:37:21

hi im new. thinking of ahving a homebirth with my second baby but have a million questions. can anyone help please.

sundew Mon 14-Sep-09 09:48:48

Hi graciem - I had a homebirth with my dd2. I had a fantastic experience - after a rather horrible one with the birth of dd1 in hospital (which had ended in an episiotomy and ventouse mainly I think because I had no midwife support).

At my home birth I had fantastic 1 to 1 support from my midwife (and 2 midwives during 2nd stage labour). There was lots of help doing what I felt to be right - with support when I was struggling. I had gas and air during first stage labour.

They set up a special area if the baby needs help when it is born - oxygen etc.

if you want to do it arrange for your midwife to come and chat about it at home - ideally with your dh there. My dh was very anti home birth until the midwife came to visit but was convinced after speaking to her that it was the right thing for me to do.

You can also decide quite late on - I'd wanted a home borth from day 1 but my first midwife had been a real cow bossy boots and said if my dh didn't want me to have a home birth I couldn't have one angry!!! Luckily she moved on and my second midwife was amazing grin.

You don't need lots of equipment - a large piece of plastic sheeting and lots of sheets to cover it. Hope you get all the answers you need on MN

graciem Mon 14-Sep-09 09:55:31

thanks for your story. i had exactly the same experience with my 1st baby. episiotomy and ventous due to baby being stuck and her heartrate dropping, which concerns me with having homebirth. my partner is also not too keen on the idea of homebirth but we havent yet spoken to a midwife. its nice to hear a positive story.

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