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DC2 Due tomorrow, booked homebirth, can't shake the nervous worried feeling !

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puffylovett Sun 13-Sep-09 23:04:24

I know I can transfer in at any time. But I so so wanted a homebirth with my last DS and didn't get it sad

I know I'm worrying probably unnecccessarily. But for some reason I'm focusing more on the stories of people transferring into hospital for sections, or problems during homebirth delivery, rather than the positive stories I focused on last time !

I think it's because this time, I know what to expect and what I'm going to get at the end of the labour process, whereas last time I was kind of in denial, and didn't believe the baby was actually mine when he was born !

Also last time I was fit, healthy and energetic, whereas this time I'm just knackered grin

Anyone else had this kind of apprehension and gone on to have successfull lovely deliveries at home ?

CalypsoFlame Mon 14-Sep-09 08:33:59

(bumping and empathising)

I'm 38wks and planning a homebirth (DC1), and also have lots of emo regarding the number of friends who planned a HB and transfered in for c-secs etc.

I found that (belatedly) having a go at the hypnobirthing approach has made me feel tons more positive and helped me to think that whilst I might have to transfer for a number of reasons, hopefully it won't be for more pain relief! But similarly I've been imagining myself being transferred in and having any number of interventions and that's all ok and overcome-able. (I'm not a philosophical person at all - actually more of a manical pre-preplanner - but as we all know, birthing is a wildly unpredictable situation wink)

Anyway, I really hope that you have the birth you plan, I'll keep an eye out for your labour / birth announcement

NewPenName Mon 14-Sep-09 08:49:45

yes! Got homebirth 2nd time round having failed first time. was v apprehensive but knowing what it was all about REALLY helped me get through plus support from fantastic midwife and knowing i had everything i wanted - birthing pool in my case. really helped me get into the "zone" of being positive and focussed. Go for it and good luck!

sundew Mon 14-Sep-09 11:14:18

Hi I had a homebirth with dd2. I think it is natural to have a bit of aprehension but my homebirth was fantastic grin. My midwives were amazing - one came out from the local dgh to take over as my midwife was going out that evening. They were really supportive - I didn't have a birthing pool but my midwives did give me lots of back massages.

Good luck with what ever you decide.

puffylovett Mon 14-Sep-09 14:06:58

Thank you all ! I think it's just worry that's getting to me, you know things like failure to descend due to brow presentation or cord being wrapped around, that kind of thing. I didn't even get the opportunity to try and deliver at home last time, as was too overdue sad. I made it to 6cm here though and I have a pool ready for this one, so there is no reason to assume there should be any issues.

Maybe I'm just being pessimistic in thinking, well I had a lovely natural birth with DS, just not at home - can I be so lucky this time around !

sundew Mon 14-Sep-09 15:16:23

Hi Ipuffy

I took ages for labour to establish properly with dd2 - my labour was progressing if I was standing up and would stop as soon as I sat down! I did all my ironing that day as it was the only way to keep my mind off things and keep my labour progressing grin.

I think it much easier with your second as you know what to expect - so you know it is getting to the painful bit and isn't going to get much worse. There no reason you won't have a good experience with number 2.

Hope you don't go too overdue - I hate that waiting round after your due date (both of my dds were 10 days late).

graciem Mon 14-Sep-09 15:46:31

im hoping to have a homebirth with baby 2 but am i little apprehensive. good luck with your home birth, hope all goes to plan for you. will look forward to hearing your story of sucess

NewPenName Mon 14-Sep-09 16:00:01

i was v v.overdue - was exactly 42 weeks but pushed to deliver at home (was 6 hrs off being hauled in for an induction!). it worked for me (maybe the pressure helped?)

bigbang Mon 14-Sep-09 16:26:38

Hi puffy,

I am also due today, with dc2 and planning a hb. I was induced in hospital with ds despite planned hb, and my major worry is the same thing happening again. Really don't want to end up in hospital!

Do your mws have a good attitude to hb this time? I have found that mine are really positive which helps. They were practically falling over themselves to recommend hb to me, it gives me confidence in my choice, and means I trust them totally to make the right decision for us re hospital if need be. Can you have a chat with them about feeling nervous, they might be able to reassure you?

I hope you get the birth you want, where ever that may be! I can keep you company here though- waiting for labour to start! I was nine days over with ds, not sure I can wait that long again! I know how knackered you feel and sympathise- I am certain I will have more energy when the baby is here that I do now. Thats what everyone says anyway...! Good luck!

fruitshootsandheaves Mon 14-Sep-09 16:31:03

I had homebirths with DS1 (13 days late) and DD2 (14 days late).
In the unlikely event that you have to transfer to hospital just remember its in the best interests of you and your baby.
I can remember my midwife being very concerned that I would refuse to go in to hospital if there were any problems.
Never listen to the horror stories, there are lots more uncomplicated homebirths, but you only seem to remember the dramatic ones!

detoxdiva Mon 14-Sep-09 16:49:59

Hi Puffy....please try not to worry.

I had a home birth last Tuesday with my ds. Dd was born in hospital and was determined to have a more relaxed birth second time round.

I was nervous in the run up, and had all the same worries as you. However, once the contractions started and I called the mw, it felt totally natural to stay at home in familiar surroundings.

I was sooooooo much more relaxed and in control with this birth and managed the pain much better, even thought I had just gas and air the first time too.

It was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone who is considering it...the midwives were fantastic, and you just can't beat the feeling of crawling back on to your own sofa with a cup of tea before getting into your own shower and bed at the end of the day. Good luck smile

NotSoRampantRabbit Mon 14-Sep-09 16:55:57

Hi Puffy

I had an agonising 5 hour successful hb with DS and was very apprehensive about doing it again. REally wasn't convinced I could manage that level of pain again and had unnerving feeling that I'd had my luck (in that DS was born at home).

@Had DD at home 13 weeks ago. It was an amazingly easy labour and delivery. I was sooooo much more in control and at times felt like I was in one of those birth videos as I calmly breathed and pottered and then delivered in the pool!

Don't think you will be able to shake the apprehension to be honest - but you would be experiencing that whatever type of labour you were anticipating. When the time comes you will deal with it and fingers crossed it will be a better experience and you will have DC at home.

Good luck.


pickyvic Mon 14-Sep-09 17:27:42

my home birth was like shelling peas compared to the hospital one. youll be fine - its so much nicer and easier at home, my MW promised me id be ok and i was so scared - but when it came to it she knew what she was talking about
! good luck, youll be amazed at how much easier it is. x

puffylovett Tue 15-Sep-09 20:37:36

Thanks all for the replies !

I must admit I'm still apprehensive but for the first time in both pregnancies - I'm also excited to meet my LO smile

Have had a spurt of energy, a good clear out (TMI -soz) and having lots of tightenings so here's hoping it won't be long now.

bigbang - my midwives are v supportive, they love doing homebirths and were astounded at the thought of non natural options such as managed 3rd stage grin. So I feel very supported. However if I mention my nerves they just say that I can transfer in any time I want - which isn't really what I want IYSWIM ! Any news from you ? I am now officially overdue sad as 40+1 day.

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