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East Surrey, Redhill v's Princess royal, Haywards Heath

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pigleychez Sun 13-Sep-09 14:24:41

Please can you share your experiences of either.

Even better if you have birthed in both!

jerin Sun 13-Sep-09 19:58:39

Several friends urged me to avoid East Surrey and opt for Princess Royal but when I told my midwife this she was very put out as she works at ES. She persuaded me to stick with East Surrey because Princess Royal is quite small and if they close to admissions because they're busy you get sent down to Brighton and for me the thought of getting to Brighton and parking put me off.
Cant comment on the care before or during births at ES as wasnt in for long enough with any of mine however the day DS1 was born I heard that Princess Royal and Brighton were closed so everyone was being sent to ES - I'd have ended up there whatever my choice!
I know others who have used both and prefered Princess Royal as smaller.
I also know of many who have birthed at Es and were very happy...... good luck

AnathemaDevice Sun 13-Sep-09 20:26:42

Had DS at East Surrey in April and I've got no complaints. Well, the food was rubbish but I could live with that, I wasn't in long enough for it to be a problem.
I was really worried about going there, I was booked into Crowborough birthing centre but I went too far overdue, so ended up in Redhill instead. I had a lovely midwife, a quick, straightforward labour (which may have coloured my views of the hospital, I don't know what the care is like if you have any complications), and was home within 36 hours of giving birth. Everything was clean and the midwives are really helpful with helping establish breastfeeding.
I would happily go there to have my next baby-In fact I'm worried as we're planning on moving away soon and I'm worried that my anti-natal/labour care won't be as good anywhere else!
Good luck-when are you due?

AnathemaDevice Sun 13-Sep-09 20:28:42

Hmm 'helpful with helping'- Can you tell I'm sleep deprived?
If you go to Redhill, can you ask them if I left my brain there, please?

pigleychez Sun 20-Sep-09 10:21:05

Thanks for sharing ladies

Im not due till May but having a bit of a worry (im a born worrier)

I had DD at ES in July last year and didnt enjoy the Post labour ward at all. Im sure the long 27 hour labour didnt help either!

Ive heard friends favour HH so was wondering about trying that this time. Really not sure though as others have said that they often close and you get sent to Brighton etc. With DD I had regualr BP monitoring and was induced. Id prefer not to be induced this time and really fancy daily trips 30 odd miles.
Thinks are taking more thinking about this time as I already have a DD.

I have plenty of questions to ask the MW!

Looking back, Maybe I expected too much being a first timer. At least this time I'll be more prepared and can take my own stuff with me!

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