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want to know more? - mears looking for opinions

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mears Mon 19-May-03 17:13:18

I posted this information last night but it has either not been seen or being totally avoided incase it is an advert.

Midirs have produced new informed choice leaflets especially written for women and midwives.

They cover things like homebirth, positions for labour, pain relief, epidurals, breech delivery, breast and bottle feeding, ultrasound scanning and screening in pregnancy.

I just wondered what mumsnetters thought of them. Anybody fancy looking at them?
I even managed a link


chatee Mon 19-May-03 17:30:31

mears, i wish i had known you nearly three years ago
i have just read the leaflet on "breech babies" as my dd was breech from week 15 until her prem birth at 33 weeks
i now know the reason for this-bicornuate uterus(forgive the spelling)but this diagnosed on my dating scan at 9 weeks with the term"uterus dempled towards the right"but not followed up at all(i did ask some questions at this stage but was told there would be no problems for labour)
The bi-corn uterus was only diagnosed at the time of my emergency c-section but luckily i had no infections but did struggle with breast feeing(eventually put down to baby couldn't do it due to immaturity so i expressed for about 9 weeks).
i am looking forward to reading the other articles as we are ttc at the moment but without much success
got to go now sorry chat later but thanks for all the info

elliott Mon 19-May-03 18:55:47

mears I read some of these when they first came out in 1996-ish - presume they are new editions now?
I think they are really excellent. Now, just got to get a few midwives to read them....

SueW Mon 19-May-03 18:56:45

I know that they are very popular with NCT antenatal teachers and I have been meaning to get my hands on a set for ages. Nice to have the URL so I can download them and use them in my essays

buttercup Mon 19-May-03 19:51:26

mears. i am 15 weeks pregnant so all of great interest to me. I think they are excellent - clear, simple and answer all the right questions.

mears Mon 19-May-03 21:40:50

I thought they looked quite good - agree with you about the midwives Elliot
I think the good thing about them is that you can quote the research from them if you are getting hassle about things like homebirth and continuous monitoring etc.

Bron Tue 20-May-03 08:57:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pupuce Tue 20-May-03 19:41:59

I had seen your original post and knew abnout these leaflets since the WE but I had difficulty to fownlaod them.
They are good !
Love the one about birth supporter......

colette Thu 22-May-03 15:43:31

They look very interesting, informative and down to earth. Are preg women 0nly given them if they request them. I'm 33 wks with no2 and haven't seen them before

Marina Thu 22-May-03 17:28:56

These are really good, Mears - and I hadn't seen them before either. The waterbirth one was especially interesting, thanks v. much for posting the link!

eefs Thu 22-May-03 17:36:15

They are brilliant Mears. I'm 13-ish weeks now so they are of major interest to me at the moment. I do think they are quite clear and seem to address the issues and questions I have. I'v only read a few so far but will work my way through them soon.
Thanks for the support you are continually offering here.

mears Thu 22-May-03 19:02:59

Colette, you can download them from the site. Hospitals are under no obligation to provide them, but it would be good if they did.

grommit Thu 22-May-03 19:12:48

Excellent - thanks Mears - wish I had hese 3 yrs ago!

happyspider Fri 23-May-03 11:12:25

agree, great leaflets and information!
thanks Mears, you're a star ...

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