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Does this VBAC basic birth plan seem ok?

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LissyGlitter Fri 11-Sep-09 07:23:25

...and what do I need to do to get it used? It'll be the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Gateshead.

Things I would like if possible:
Immediate double check that baby is not breech – a scan if there is any doubt-this is due to a bad experience at previous birth
To spend time in the bath
To be able to eat and drink freely
As much pain relief as needed
To be fully informed
My partner (DPs name) to be fully involved
Immediate skin to skin contact with baby
Time to be alone with Nick and the baby after the birth
To be allowed to take pictures

Things I would like to avoid if possible:
Having to take tablets (when anxious, I find it nearly impossible to take tablets. I prefer any other method of taking medication)
Use of a canula unless absolutely necessary
NO formula milk to be given to the baby AT ALL
Being stuck in one position for too long if I am still capable of moving
A long labour then a section – this happened with my first baby and I would much prefer to go straight to a section if that is what will be needed

I do not mind about:
Students being present. However, if I need an episiotomy and/or stitches, or a canula, I want an expert!
Being naked/weeing or pooing/breastfeeding in front of people. Obviously a birth is not a spectator sport, but I’m not a shy person.
Nick knowing and seeing stuff that goes on – he put the baby in there, he can deal with it coming out as well!

MrsHappy Fri 11-Sep-09 07:42:38

You might want to put something in there about monitoring. If you want to be mobile it sounds like you want to avoid continuous monitoring, especially if that is taken by the doctors to mean strapping you to the monitor and leaving you for 12 hours. You can ask to be monitored regularly using a hand held monitor unless/until there are indications that CFM is needed.

I would say also no episiotomy unless absolutely necessary (personally I would prefer to tear a bit).

Oh, and how do you feel about drugs to augment labour? Apparently some consultants will give these drugs. For my VBAC I don't want them - I would rather have another section.

ohmeohmy Fri 11-Sep-09 07:44:09

Obviously you have given it a lot of thought. Some of your choices may be contradictory eg. if you are prepared to take any pain relief then you need to be prepared for eg. being stuck in bed on a monitor if you opt for epidural.

VBAC they will probably want to put you on continuous monitoring so if that is not want you want be prepared to negotiate intermittent (can't go in the bath or move about much with cont. monitoring.

Make sure your DP knows what you want and will advocate for you.

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