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Lindo Wing Consultant

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Lucy1000 Thu 10-Sep-09 07:31:56

Just posting this for anyone looking for a recommendation for a consultant at Lindo Wing St Mary's.
Etienne Horner was absolutely fantastic in every single respect. He delivered my twin boys by c section 6 weeks ago, everything went really well. I had complications at week 18 when my kidney stopped working so it was touch & go for the rest of my pregnancy, but i made it to 37 weeks with Dr Horner's help. He was totally amazing!! Good luck ! xxx

minervaitalica Thu 10-Sep-09 10:23:37

Can I also confirm that Etienne Horner is fab? He has got the most fantastic bedside manner, and come across as extremely competent and knowledgeable.

He also works in the not-private labour ward at St. Mary's (and does all the ante-natal stuff as well) by the way...

babyJan2010 Mon 28-Sep-09 15:43:32

I've left it too late already 22 weeks, and so far Lorna Phelan is available, ahs any one been under her care. I heard she is a lead obstetrician on the NHS so guess she must be very good. It's always nice to hear this from other mums though.. so if anyone has any stories they'd like to share, it would be really helpful

Thank you

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