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Gas and air made me feel really sick - worth trying again this time?

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alana39 Wed 09-Sep-09 10:44:19

Has anyone successfully used entonox in subsequent deliveries having given up on it first time round? This will be my 3rd and last and would like to try water rather than epidural, but worried I'll have the same problem with the gas and air (didn't even try it with 2nd after problems 1st time).

gemstones Wed 09-Sep-09 13:28:45

Hiya, With DC1 gas and air made me vomit for a little while but to be honest i was only bringing up the water i had been drinking (sorry TMI) so it didnt put me off for second time round. Had gas and air with DC2 and didnt make me vomit that time.
Just go with what your body is telling you on that day! Good Luck smile

slushy06 Wed 09-Sep-09 17:27:06

I had gas and air on my first and didn't vomit however on my second I did the difference was I had to be given gas and air earlier on my second so I assume I was sick because I had too much. Hope this helps

becktay Wed 09-Sep-09 21:19:51

i was better on gas and air second time around once the mw explained properly how to breathe it in. with ds1 i was breathing fast and furious and it made me ill but ds2 was slower more controlled breath, i wasn't sick and think g&a helped...

dottyaboutstripes Thu 10-Sep-09 10:47:34

I threw up first time around when I tried gas & air but used it (and LOVED it ) with my next 4 deliveries. Had a c-section for my 6th and felt cheated out of my G&A!!!

Cazzr Thu 10-Sep-09 10:53:57

I didn't have g&a for DS (waterbirth), or any other drugs in fact, but I was still sick, so could just be 'a part of labour' maybe?

In fact i lie slightly, I did have g&a, but not till afterwards....blush

Cazzr Thu 10-Sep-09 10:56:03

quick addition, i definitely PLAN to have it next time, and DURING labour! Not letting the midwife talk me out of it next time!

alana39 Thu 10-Sep-09 11:02:37

Thanks everyone, will definitely try it again - it might have been the breathing thing as I suspect I don't remember being given any advice on that (and was probably far too panicky to listen anyway!) but birth plan this time is just to calm down a bit smile

Hangingbellyofbabylon Thu 10-Sep-09 22:14:22

first time had one puff of gas and air, puked and the midwife told me it would keep making me ill and to go straight to an epidural hmm - which led to loads of interventions and ended in forceps.

This time round I only had tens and the midwife suggested gas and air - I explained my worries and she said it was worth a try and helped me to breathe properly. It was bloody marvelous!! I got through 2 and half massive gas bottles and would pay good money for a home supply just to get me through bad days with the kids wink. It also helped me to focus on proper deep breathing and stopped me panicking.

Best of luck and save me a puff will you? smile

WriggleJiggle Sat 12-Sep-09 06:55:08

Definitely worth trying this time round. First time round I was very very sick. Second time I deliberately ate only things like dry bread and toast before hand (having learnt from the chilli experience), and also was alot more controlled with my breathing - only using it when I needed to rather than continuously. It was great the second time, no sickness or anything.

fridayschild Sat 12-Sep-09 07:49:28

First time round I used it like a happy addict. Second time round it made me feel sick! I say give it a go.

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