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Presents from baby to a sibling

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usernametaken Tue 08-Sep-09 09:50:00

We have a few little presents from the baby to give to DD. When did you do the gift swap, was it in the hospital or when you finally got home?

We are hoping DD (4.5yrs) will come to the hospital to see the baby- it all depends on visiting hours, time of birth etc.

We've also bought her a little present to say thank you for being such a brilliant help with the pregnancy- she has really been a star. I'm sure this baby is going to grow up thinking DD is it's mother!

Deemented Tue 08-Sep-09 09:55:28

We gave one present at the hospital - a small action figure, which was good to keep him amused when he got bored, and another gift when baby came home - especially as when we had lots of visitors they all brought gift for baby, but forgot big brother...

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