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how late on can you develop an infection in a c-section wound?

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olivo Sun 06-Sep-09 20:26:21

i had my c-section nearly 3 weeks ago, and am wondering if i might have got an infection in my wound. i last had it checked at 12 days post op, and it was clean and dry and healing well. i have been showering twice a a day, washing it with water and drying it with a clean face cloth every time.

but today, one timy bit appears to have a tiny bit of clear wet stuff coming from it. i've also had some shooting pains but thought that was from the muscles knitting back together again. I am also worried as not all the dressing adhesive was removed from that end of the wound.

does this sound like an infection to you?

reikizen Sun 06-Sep-09 21:39:17

No it doesn't (but as I can't see it!) An infected section wound usually looks sort of red and angry, or has pus around it. May also smell or be hot and painful to the touch. It may be that you have caught it on something and broken the skin. However, if you are worried the practice nurse could have a look and take a swab if she needs to to confirm it.

olivo Mon 07-Sep-09 08:18:23

thanks reikizen. I am going to the drs in a couple of days to ask to be allowed to drive so i will get her to check just in case. It doesnt look angry or red and there is no pus visible so hopefully it's ok.
I've only just been able to get a decent look at it now my bulge is going down!!

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