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Water Birth, heat - how did it affect you ?

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puffylovett Sun 06-Sep-09 15:27:33

I've just done a 'wet' run with the birthing pool at home and hadn't realised how hot the water would be !

Temp gauge said it was correct.

I can imagine that the heat on tummy and back pain when in labour will be wonderful, and being a water baby I am really keen to have a water birth if I can. However, I was only in there for about 20 mins and I'm shattered ! I've got that tired relaxed feeling you get, after soaking in the bath for a fair while.

I'm just a bit worried that it's going to sap all the energy I'm going to need to birth DC2. Particularly if it takes a while.

Anybody got any experiencces they could share with me about birthing in water and how the heat of it affected them ?
TIA smile

Lostmykeys Sun 06-Sep-09 15:32:14

I had a waterbirth at a Midwife led birthing centre and it is hot. Have plenty of ice to suck on or wrap in a flannel for your forehead. I drank loads when in the pool to combat the heat. TBH you will be concentrating more on what's going on than the temp. Worst bit is when they insist on adding hot water, but you really won't notice too much. It is the loveliest way to have a baby, good luck!

ib Sun 06-Sep-09 15:42:45

For quite a while I went in and out of the pool - my contractions were harder and steadier out of the water, and I cooled down. Then I went back in when I needed a break.

For the last couple of hours I didn't notice the temperature of the water - or of the air - or the music - or anything much to be honest!

Loved giving birth in water and will definitely be doing the same again this time if I possibly can.

dogofpoints Sun 06-Sep-09 15:46:27

I didn't have a water birth, only used it for pain relief in the later stages.

When birth is imminent, you respond, regardless of how tired you might feel. I wouldn't worry.

MrsBadger Sun 06-Sep-09 15:52:35

I was only in the pool for the last hour and the birth itself
apart from the fact I had not a stitch on I was in no fit state to notice the temperature, but dh said the whole room was roasting so I suspect the water was pretty warm

it was utter bliss though, they couldn't have got me out with a crowbar during that hour.

puffylovett Sun 06-Sep-09 15:55:08

what I find odd is that I will frequently spend 2 hours in the bath, regularly topping up with hot water - and yet 20 mins in the pool and I was feeling sapped !

Probably I am just over analyzing things grin. It did feel absolutely lovely to just wallow in lovely warm water. fingers crossed DC2 will shoot out like a rocket, then I can chill all relaxed on the sofa afterwards grin

Thanks for your responses.

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