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Advice on failed VBAC - do you wish you had an elective?

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brightredballoon Sat 05-Sep-09 23:19:10

Ok I know hindsight is a wonderful thing, I am after your thoughts on this.

I am very early pregnant with no3. DD was posterior head flexed, long labour ended in manual rotation, episiotomy and forceps. DS was a crash section under GA as experienced a sharp pain and his HB was through the roof (turned out the cord was very short and wrapped round his neck 3 times). I also have subsetate uterus (heart shaped) which could be a contributory factor in both childrens positioning. To be honest I was traumatised for a long time after DDs birth and still not really over DS's.

So, I am torn between having an elective cs with this baby or going for a VBAC. My heart says VBAC as I have delivered normally before (albeit forceps) but taking into account my previous experiences I am thinking I should go for an elective so I could hopefully experience a calm and enjoyable birth experience.

So, I have read lots of wonderful VBAC birth announcements and I really can imagine how amazing it would be but likewise if I go for that and it ends in an awful emergency situation I think I would be really traumatised that I hadn't gone for elective

I don't mean to upset anyone, more just a show of hands for those that didn't get the VBAC - did you wish you had gone for an elective?

asuwere Sun 06-Sep-09 15:09:13


DS3 was technically a 'failed VBAC' as it ended in EMCS. I personally, don't think I failed though and it was a fantastic experience. I stayed at home as long as possible, went in and just used G&A and went in the pool... Got fully dialated and was pushing but I just knew he was stuck and I asked for a CS. Consultant was called and although he gave me the option of another hour of pushing, he agreed with CS. It was very calm, DH with me throughout, DS3 given straight to DH. Surgeon told me after that baby definately wouldn't have come out any other way as he was stuck!

I had felt very strongly to have a VBAC but having tried everything, I know I didn't do anything wrong and I didn't fail. In a way, the experience helped heal a lot of my issues from DS1's birth. I think if I'd just had an elective, I would still be in doubt as to whether I could have done it myself.

I'm now expecting DC4 and am planning an ELCS - I could try for a VBA2C but I don't feel as strongly now so am happy to just go for the CS (although I know it's not the easy option!)

Good luck.

brightredballoon Sun 06-Sep-09 17:25:41

Thanks for sharing your experience asuwere.

You didnt fail at all, you gave birth to your beautiful baby and that is ultimately what it is all about.

I am 90% sure I will ask for an ELCS because I don't think I can deal with an emergency situation like last time but reading your experience gives me food for thought that it might not be an urgent emergency if a VBAC doesn't go according to plan

Good luck wih DC4, we will definitely be stopping at 3!

moaningminniewhingesagain Sun 06-Sep-09 21:53:51

I didn't mind too much about not getting my VBAC, I had crash section under GA with DD, quite traumatic.

Went into the VBAC feeling that if things were not going to plan, I would ask for a CS earlier rather than later, my only priority was avoiding another terrifying experience.

I booked a homebirth, and transferred in on the MW's advice for failure to progress. Once I arrived I just asked everyone for a CS and refused their kind offfer of breaking my waters etc as I knew the baby was malpositioned. They were reluctant but I got a much nicer experience, awake and had CS under spinal. They made it quite clear that they wanted to 'do ' things to me to try to get the VB because the baby was not distressed at all - all I could think was 'yes and if you have it your way, you will mess with me until it is distressed then rush off for another crash CS' not happening

No idea whether there will be a DC3 but if I do, I will book an elective. FWIW, I would book an elective in your position too.

brightredballoon Mon 07-Sep-09 16:05:41

MMWA - having gone through a a crash cs under general myself I totally empathise why you asked for a CS upon arrival at the hospital.
So glad you had a positive birth experience for your DC2.

daxibaby Mon 07-Sep-09 16:57:20

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