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What are your thoughts on giving birth on the 09/09/09

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mummy2t Sat 05-Sep-09 14:49:49

title says it all.

twirlymum Sat 05-Sep-09 14:52:18

No worse than on 06/06/06


ClaudeFrancois Sat 05-Sep-09 14:54:41

Very cool

Jas Sat 05-Sep-09 14:56:27

I'd like it.
I was due on 6.9.69 but came late.

mummy2t Sat 05-Sep-09 14:58:40

my birthday Is 6th june so that year i got alot of stick!!
i also thought it would be pretty cool to have bubs on that day but then noticed quite afew horror films been released that day, wasnt sure what the deal is with the number 9 and horror, i know 666 is like the devils number etc

tootyflooty Sat 05-Sep-09 15:15:06

It means your dc will be in the emergency services!! there was an article in the paper of 2 paramedics that are getting married on that day. My dh birth date is 8/7/65, I thought that was pretty cool.

LittleCheese Sat 05-Sep-09 15:20:06

id rather not since my birthday is 09/09 also im due today dont really still want to be pregnant on wednesday

mummy2t Sat 05-Sep-09 15:30:18

mine is 6/6/77 would be cool for a 09/09/09 bubba

detoxdiva Sat 05-Sep-09 15:35:19

That's my due date so I'll have no problem with that...dd was a week late and I was soooooo fed up grin

IdrisTheDragon Sat 05-Sep-09 15:36:40

I think it would be rather good smile (except for LittleCheese of course).

8th September also quite a nice day to be born smile

franfoxy2003 Sat 05-Sep-09 15:52:57

im being induced on the 8th so its a possibility i could give birth on 09/09/ and hubby are hoping i do, just cos its a really cool birthdate!

mummy2t Sat 05-Sep-09 16:01:26

fingers crossed foxy xxxx

usernametaken Sat 05-Sep-09 23:18:35

Yep- also due 09/09/09
That would be one good birthdate to have..however, I am more than ready to give birth anytime before!

Deemented Sun 06-Sep-09 15:51:39

My DS will be five on 09/09/09.

Tis a fab day to be born.

Habbibu Sun 06-Sep-09 16:12:17

I know a 6/6/06 girl - her mum said it was great - loads of people requested to change dates of sections, inductions, etc and so the ward was really quiet. She's certainly a feisty wee soul, but nonetheless lovely!

DiamondHead Sun 06-Sep-09 16:14:16

I have a daughter born 9/9. Always thought it would be cool if she'd been born this year.

MayorNaze Sun 06-Sep-09 16:15:22

i think it is cool.

dd was due on 04.05.06 was quite gutted when she was late grin

hocuspontas Sun 06-Sep-09 16:16:34

Try to push the baby out at 09:09:09 in the morning as well grin

StayFrosty Sun 06-Sep-09 16:16:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tortoise Sun 06-Sep-09 16:18:31

Will be nice and easy to remember date of birth. Ds2 is 10/10/99 and i always remember his the best.

LadyStealthPolarBear Sun 06-Sep-09 16:23:06

I'm due ont he 12th so it'd be nice...

PortBlacksandResident Sun 06-Sep-09 16:25:35

DS2 is 03/03/03 which is pretty damn cool - three threes. Three is considered a very lucky number in Japan and my Japanese friend thinks it was very clever of me grin

StayFrosty Sun 06-Sep-09 16:29:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twigsblankets Tue 15-Sep-09 12:17:26

I have 2 DC, both born on 08/08. My DD was born on 08/08/08 grin

Is this supposed to have some sort of significance? grin

Portofino Tue 15-Sep-09 12:21:27

Did anyone actually have a baby on 09/09/09?

My dd was due 02/03/04 but she was stubborn even BEFORE she was born and didn't make an appearance til the 11th.

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