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VBAC after multiple cesareans

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Tinkerbell2008 Fri 04-Sep-09 09:27:55

Hello all,

Im after some help and hopefully experience, i have been researching VBAC`s and i see most if not all health care professionals do not like VBAC after two or more sections, has anyone here experienced VBAC after multiple sections? or know of anyone who has? I have found some stories through my searches but i am hoping for some real imput.

I have had four cesareans my first two were emergency, i went all the way through labour with both and on pushing i couldnt do it, it is thought a fractured coccyx i sustained when i was younger was the cause of a very unusual pain than overwhelmed my labour pains and the size of my babies wasnt helping and resulted in sections, i then went on to have another two by elective sections not through choice i might add, i was pushed and pushed until i agreed as i have always wished to experience natural birth, it was disheartening to go all the way and not finish. My last MD was very supportive and agreed to let me have TOL as she had lots of experience with VBAC and knew the signs of any trouble but the consultant wasnt as happy and just kept throwing scary remarks at me, and ultimately had my mother nag me into submission.

As it turned out my consultant had never even experienced VBAC himself so i was needless to say upset that he didnt or couldnt even quote from experience or knowledge, and stated there was insufficient evidence and lack of knowledge in general as this was a grey area as repeat sections were always the advice given and rarely did women argue it.

I have felt like i have failed myself to do the one thing that women should be able to do naturally, i know that probably sounds silly. So i am hoping someone out there can shead some light on their own VBAC experiences. smile

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