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I know there has been a thread about period pains some where, but can't find it...

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Deeeja Thu 03-Sep-09 22:11:05

Ok, I have been having period pain all week. I have also been losing my snot bit by bit all week. So this evening, I went to the loo, and on one of my umpteen trips there a big lump of it fell out. For the past hour I have been having period pains every 4 to 5 minutes.
I have also been extremely irritable for past two days, and unable to sit still, literally had to move about, and pace around the house, go for a walk, cleaned out all kitchen cupboards, sorted out all dc's clothes, am contemplating hovering the car, really annoyed can't find the extension lead. But cleaned out the cupboard under the stairs!
The period pains are moderately uncomfortable.
Oh, I am 37 weeks.
Baby 2/5 yesterday.

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