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2nd time nightmares

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heebyjeebies Thu 03-Sep-09 21:18:06

hi,due date tomorrow but for the 2 weeks i have been having runs of contractions.On 4 occasions now i have went between 12 and 20 hrs with them and they then tail off.i have been down to the hospital 3 times now,had 2 sweeps without sucess.My last trip to hosp at weekend i was 2 cm dilated nothing else seems to be happening.Midwifes were convinced it would all be over with that day!Can anyone shed any light on what is going on,1st labour was straight forward 12 hours almost to the minute and although it was a few years ago i cant think of any part of it that was too awful.

This time i am petrified,having visions of horrendous pain,not making hospital in time or having the energy to get through it or having to get a section!you name it i have worried about it,i havent enjoyed this pregnancy at all and really need this to go smoothly,i just would like to have the baby and be home in my own house later the same day, i now wish i had organised a home birth,it would have been alot more relaxing. Bit late now though.

thisisyesterday Thu 03-Sep-09 21:21:18

awww, i had that the first 2 times. i figured it was just braxton hicks so never bothered doing anything about it.
anyway, both normal births- it was just my body gearing up for labour i guess. baby will come when s/he is ready, i don't thikn you need worry

LoveBuckets Thu 03-Sep-09 21:26:47

Is it really too late for a homebirth? Phone your MW in the morning to see if she's got a spare homebirth kit you can have. And order this, you never know you might have time to read it beforehand, it's very empowering.
Good lucksmile

thisisyesterday Thu 03-Sep-09 21:33:02

ooh srry, missed that bit too. of course it isn't too late for a homebirth, although they may try and tell you it is!
you have every right to give birth wherever you choose. ring your midwife in the morning and tell her that's what you want.

heebyjeebies Fri 04-Sep-09 09:57:10

thanks for the comments guys its been nice to hear your advice, i mentioned a homebirth about 4 weeks ago and they said it was too late to organise. Altho the weather here is so awaful that it may pan out that way anyway as roads are closed all over the place. can anyone tell me with a secong birth, providing all goes well how long they keep you in afterwards and for a homebirth if everything was well would you still have to go to the hosp to get checked afterwards?

thisisyesterday Fri 04-Sep-09 13:25:00

i had ds2 and ds3 at home and didn't have to transfer into hospital.
had one stitch with ds2 lol, which they did at home.
you'd only have to go into hospital if they felt that you or b aby needed treatment that they couldn't offer in the home, if you had a relaly big bleed for example.

honestly though, they were lying if they said that 4 weeks ago. it is entirely YOUR choice.
if you go into labour and ring them delivery suite and say you want a homebirth they are obliged to send someone out.
so I would point that out to them and tell them that it would be preferable if they already had you on the list to save any confusion when the time comes

Put your foot down if that is what you want! it is up to you

LoveBuckets Fri 04-Sep-09 17:54:40

I had my 3rd (accidental VBACshock) in hospital around 10pm, went home after lunch (don't forget to tick the salt box on the menu card - makes all the difference tastewisegrin).

Yes, you need to badger the MW every day until she believes you are serious - it's what they are there for and it's in her interest to be prepared.

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