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2nd pg, 35+2, baby high and breech..... chances of turning for a VBAC?

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Sparklytwinkletoes Thu 03-Sep-09 17:19:45

Is there still loads of time left for baby to turn and drop, or should I start resigning myself to a Elec. CS?

There's lots of fidgeting and burrowing going on, just not sure its achieving anything.

For background, DS was head down but after SROM on due date, he never engaged and resulted in an emerg. CS.

Sparklytwinkletoes Thu 03-Sep-09 18:03:29


Deeeja Thu 03-Sep-09 21:45:21

Hi, I am 37 weeks and baby has finally gone head down. I think it may have been sometime on Tuesday evening, but was confirmed at Wednesday consultant appointment. I was worried at your stage, because I also want to avoid a c-s. There is still time, so try not to worry, get down on all fours and wiggle you bum in the air. I also took pulsatilla. and on Tuesday, put a bag of frozen peas by baby's head and shone a torch at the bottom end.
I don't know what worked, but something did. In any case it gave me something to do!
Take care.x

Shellseeker Thu 03-Sep-09 21:53:50

Won't they try & turn the baby for you at the hospital?

daxibaby Fri 04-Sep-09 10:05:28

Regarding your baby being breech, you could have a look at a great website: and you could also try Moxibustion which is done by a reflexologist.

Sit on a birthing ball (if you have one) - this is encouraging you to sit straight up or leaning forward. Try not slouch on a couch or in a chair - this will keep baby comfortable and he/she mustn't be comfy - need to get it to turn.

Some other ideas are:

Get onto your hands and knees in the evening and try and watch TV or stay in that position for as long as you can.
Try and do a couple of hand stands in the pool (NOT on dry land) - this is quite effective and so is swimming in general as your tummy is down in the water
Put a bag of frozen veg on the top of your tum - baby will feel the cold and want to move away from it - do this often. Put a hot water bottle where you wants the baby to be. The idea is that the baby doesn't like the cold on its head so turns towards the heat.
Shine a light / torch at the top of your tum - same kind of thing - he/she will want to move away from it
Reflexology / acupuncture / osteopath is really good and effective too but only from about 36/37 weeks or so
Talk to the baby and reassure him/her that she is wanted, loved etc. and that if she turns the birth will be much easier for the both of you.
If you can see a homeopath, Ask him/her about Pulsatilla as it is an effective remedy for turning breech babies, Normally after 36 weeks though.
Ultimately try and get as much rest & eat properly as possible as you need to be relaxed and well nourished.

Sparklytwinkletoes Mon 07-Sep-09 17:44:46

Oh wow guys, thanks for your responses! You must think me really rude....I lost my broadband connection and only just got it back.

I've been trying the birthing ball, but not finding it something I can do for long at a time, although I let out a tiny bit of air and that seems to have made it more comfy, I managed about an hour whilst watching tv last night...

I'm not sure if they'll try to turn it or not, but I've heard that it can be quite painful / uncomfortable and figured if baby could turn by itself, that would be for the best.

Thanks for confirming that there's still time, I was worried that there might be a kind of 'cut off' when it would just get too tight in there and the CS would become inevitable.

Cheers guys..

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