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Going to have to fight for VBAC home birth (even tho had natural since) is it worth it?

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Sella Thu 03-Sep-09 08:27:37


Went for my 20 week scan, found out having DD number 3!!! Very happy about that... not so happy that I had to see a consultant (well bless her more an SHO) who told me the chances of me getting my much hoped for home birth are very small.

I had emergency c section with DD1, which was horrid and not something I want to repeat. Put a lot of work into preparing for DD2 and had natural birth in hospital, no problems. Apparently because of c section 6 years ago I'm going to have 'a big fight on my hands' to get my home birth.

Feel a bit let down that I am being made to feel guilty about all the risks, when I've looked into it I don't think they are any greater than a hospital birth.

Of course my DH now has back up from doctors that 'this home birth idea is stupid' and haven't even told my parents what has been said!!!

Is it worth all the effort to put up a fight or should I just go for a hospital birth? Don't know if I'm getting my own back up coz I like a challenge or whether I'm doing it for what I think are the right reasons. Can anyone advise please!!!!

sparkle09 Thu 03-Sep-09 11:35:24

i think if your not far from the hospital and you can get there quickly if something did go wrong then a home birth shouldnt be a problem.

follow your heart,

LuluMaman Thu 03-Sep-09 11:38:31

it;s not a stupid idea, if you make an informed choice and know the risks and benefits, then it's not stupid

you can always transfer in, you can;t transfer home mid hospital to home when in labour

you have given birth vaginally so your pelvis is 'proved' and you had a straighforward birth last time, so providing no major complications i think you will find a home VBAC a really good experience

don't go for hospital birth if you want to be at home

you might end up feeling resentful, esepcially if this is your last DC and last chance to go for a home birth

if you have to fignt, get AIMS on your side, contact the supervisor of midwives, consultant midwife and don't give up!

Sella Thu 03-Sep-09 14:45:26

Thanks for your advice. I don't live far from the hospital (about 5 min drive) but was told yesterday that if my uterus ruptured I would have 20 mins to get the baby out or we would both die - which obviously made me feel terrified!

However it is my last DC and I really had my heart set on a home water birth.

LuluMaman who or what is AIMS?

Does anyone know if I've already had a natural VBAC if that lowers my chances of a ruptured scar coz that is the only thing stopping me?

Feel like I got really mixed messages yesterday as they praised me for wanting a home birth but then scared the hell out of me!! I also found out I have a low lying placenta and need a repeat scan at 32 weeks so maybe that will make my mind up for me!?

asuwere Thu 03-Sep-09 15:25:30

I don't have any figures with me just now but as far as I know, there is a chance of a rupture even without a previous CS. I'm not sure if a VBAC reduces the chance of a rupture in the next birth though. I do know that there is a higher chance of a cord prolapse in ANY labour than there is of a rupture in a VBAC though so it's not a reason to stop a homebirth. - very useful site, as is

You shouldn't have to fight at all. See if you can find a supportive MW who can do any 'fighting' for you.

Good luck

asuwere Thu 03-Sep-09 15:27:19

Oh, also, a low lying placenta generally isn't anything to worry about at 20wks - plenty time for it to move.

LuluMaman Thu 03-Sep-09 16:09:31

AIMS is a brilliant organiation that asuwere has linked to, do have a look at the website

a low lying palcenta, if it does not move, could well impact your brth plans, but if it is not touching or covering the os, it is likely to be less of a problem

yes, a full scar rupture is a real emergecny, and you and the baby are at great risk

HOWEVER, there are usually warning signs of scar rupture, that would give enough time to get you to theatre for a c.s.

there are risks to VBAC, and benefits too

you do need to know the worst outcomes, but also that the vast majority do not end with a rutpure

not sure if odds reduce with a VBAC, but have a search on the archives here as there have been loads of stats on rupture and other VBAC related questions

Sella Thu 03-Sep-09 16:50:21

The placenta IS covering the os at the moment (although I'm not entirely sure what that means), however they have said there is every chance it will move before the birth. I had a low lying placenta last time and it moved in plenty of time so not too worried on that front at the mo...

Thanks for advice, will check out all info

LuluMaman Fri 04-Sep-09 09:47:05

ah, well , in that case, you are going to have to wait and see what happens later in the pregnancy. if it is partially covering the internal os, then there is a greater chance of big blood loss and complications, as the cervix dilates.

Sella Fri 04-Sep-09 13:16:14

Yeah that's what I've been told, hopefully it will have completely moved, they seemed quite confident on that one but will have to wait and see as you said

hackedoffandcross Fri 04-Sep-09 18:35:16

I planned a VBAC at home, and although I transferred in the end, I am still very glad I tried. The main early symptoms of rupture are more likely to be spotted, IMHO, by one to one care from a midwife, rather by than by a monitor and random staff popping in now and then. If you need to go to hospital for some reason, then fine. But if placenta moves and everything seems good I would def recommend.

I know your chance of successful VBAC is greatly improved by the fact you have already had a VBAC, sure the references are available on the homebirth site that someone has already linked.

Sella Sat 05-Sep-09 14:26:47

thanks, I've found some quite good websites now on HBAC and have discovered the chances of uterine rupture is around 0.5%, which is reduced if you've already had a sucessful VBAC.

Feeling a lot more positive about it, bit apprehensive about having to fight my corner with the powers that be, seems a shame that it is necessary but hey!

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