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Chelsea & Westminster vs Kingston vs St George's

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allybaloo Wed 02-Sep-09 22:52:48

Any one know which of these maternity wards is the least understaffed?

And can any one tell me if you always give birth in your own room, i.e. once you have gone into labour?


cairns Thu 03-Sep-09 12:53:30

Only experience of Kingston I'm afraid and two very different experiences

DS1, Laboured in reception for an hour, as no delivery beds, when eventually checked told 7cm and rushed into a delivery suite (single room every time at Kingston). Delivery suite was lovely, huge , v clean and had birth balls and own ensuite for bath etc. Midwifes all great. Had same midwife throughout labour. After was taken to 4 bed ward (I think most rooms in Kingston are single so I was 'unlucky'). With shared bathroom that was not very clean. Discharged 24hrs later thankful to be home. Still midwife care etc all great

DS2. Couldn;t be more different. Fantastic experience. Very good antenatal care leading up to the birth (I have a big baby so was monitored more with extra scans etc) I was induced in the end, antenatal ward while being induced was small, but v quiet and midwifes incredible. Dr's very good too. They did not want to take risks of it being busy so they 'held' my induction which I was grateful for as meant that the delivery suites would not be busy. Had to stay in early labour on the ward but shown to lovely delivery suite at 4cm. This was in the middle of the night and the room was 'mood lighting lit' with pictures on the walls, was lovely. Great midwife again stayed throughout labour. Skin to skin straight after delivery (Before checks done), helped with Bfg in delivery suite. Shown to single room accomodation with ensuite and ended up staying for 48hrs as baby big so needed extra tests. Postnatal care great from midwifes.

I guess what I am trying to say that it just happened to be potluck when I had my DS's. I have friends who have had great experiences at Kingston and a couple not so great. It is very busy, but I honestly think the facilities are great. All delivery suites are single room ensuite. Postnatal beds are mainly single room (some ensuite some not) but there is a ward too.

sambo2 Thu 03-Sep-09 16:35:03

As far as I could tell all the delivery rooms at St Georges are in your own room. For me, it was getting into a room that was traumatic - they were busy and I had to wait (having already been sent home twice and then I refused to move!). Once in a room the staff were outstanding.

The postnatal ward was busy - 4 beds to a ward and nurses/midwives were busy but friendly. I never worried once about the care of my DS, but the aftercare for mums was a bit ropey (but then maybe I was unrealistic!?). I had to ask for sheets to be changed, for catheters to be removed etc...

Would I go again? No, next time I will go to Thomas's or Kingston as I didn't have a positive birthing experience and would like the option to go privately closer to my due date.

down2earth Thu 03-Sep-09 19:23:04

Really depends on the day.

Had 1st at Kingston and 2nd at Georges - Kingston I arrived at change of shift and had to wait quite some time for a room but had a mssive room to myself after giving birth (even the 4 bed rooms at kingston outstrip Georges massively and the bathrooms are FAR nicer).

Georges was quite full when in labour with ds but they found me a side room which was fine.

Staff in both locations were fab (excepting Georges reception). Was out in under 6 hours so the after care was less of an issue!

Hoping to have the next in the carmen suite at Georges (midwife led and very new).

extremelychocolateymilkroll Sun 06-Sep-09 15:15:43

Only know C+W - had dd there in August 07. Was in my own room for labour - think that this is the norm. No rush afterwards - stayed for a couple of hours after dd was born. Midwives were great at all times including postnatal care which I know isn't the experience of everyone. My advice is not to be afraid of badgering the nurses for help if you need it.

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