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midwife wants to do a home pool birth health and safety check???

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lou4791 Wed 02-Sep-09 17:40:33

I'm 38+4 weeks with my second baby and am planning a home water birth. My local midwife team are not very pro home birth, and have always seemed a bit reluctant. Today at my antenatal check my midwife said she needs to do a health and safety check in my house regarding the pool, which has been arranged for tomorrow. Has anyone ever heard of this check? What is she looking out for? I sense that this check may be their way of finding an excuse not to 'allow' the pool. If this turns out to be the case where do I stand?
Grateful for any advice.
Lou x

Tangle Wed 02-Sep-09 21:58:47

"Allow" is not a word to use to a mentally competent adult! Fundamentally, they can say what they like, but its your house and your birth - and if they turn up when you're in labour and you're in the pool, what can they do about it? Have you trained your birth partner well? It sounds like they may need to run interference for you on the day

Have you joined the homebirthUK mailgroup? There are ladies on there that have been through this type of thing and could give you advice on the least stressful way forward (one route would be to refuse the meeting tomorrow, but that may not be the best longer term). Beverly Beech at AIMS may also be a great source of support.

Sorry you're having so much hassle at such a late stage, and fingers crossed you can get it resolved and have a peacefull birth

timmette Thu 03-Sep-09 08:12:21

Hi I had this check done for my ds - and it was more a case of making sure your house is safe for the midwives - ie not a drugs den, that it is easily accesible if they need to get you to the hospital - so not on the 10th floor with no lift etc, they had a litte look around advised that while they were happy with my dog he may get distressed if I am in pain and suggested I have a someone who could take him if this did happen and suggested that cookies keep midwives happy.

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