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Anyone selling a Birth Pool in a Box?

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Lors23 Tue 01-Sep-09 22:30:50

I am 31 weeks pregnant and looking to get organised for a homebirth (hopefully!) and want a birth pool.

Does anyone have a regular size Birth Pool in a Box for sale? With or without the extra bits of kit...let me know prices and things and can take it from there!


thisisyesterday Tue 01-Sep-09 22:34:19

i have a la bassine if that's any good? with hose, tap connectors, pump to blow it up and pump to empty

BiscuitStuffer Tue 01-Sep-09 22:43:25

I do but the bag it's in is covered in dust and debris from the builders . It has everything I think except the hose and would need a new liner of course. I think maybe you would be as horrified as I was when I saw it in the middle of all the mess and decide no way. Had a fab birth though and no pain - I did love my homebirth!

Lors23 Sun 06-Sep-09 13:12:54

Hi, so sorry just getting back on here to check messages!

thisisyesterday - is your la bassine and all the bits used or unused? How much are you looking for for it?

Biscuitstuffer...I think DP would freak at the dustiness thing, he is already wary enough about it all, bless him - lol. But thank you

trixymalixy Sun 06-Sep-09 13:50:06

Hi, i am selling a birth pool in a box. It is the regular one and comes with all the kit apart from the hose. It has one new liner as well as we didn't use both.

I did give birth in it, but it was with a liner in it and it has been cleaned out with Milton.

It cost me £200 from boots, how much would you be willing to pay for it?

puffylovett Sun 06-Sep-09 14:36:59

If you're other options fall through, I should have one available in about 3 weeks.
Funnily enough we are just doing a trial run today grin

It is a mini size, however and doesn't have the electric pump. Plus you would need a new liner of course, assuming I do GET my home birth this time around !

puffylovett Sun 06-Sep-09 14:37:24

blush 'your' other options - sorry (sp)

Lors23 Sun 06-Sep-09 21:58:44

I am actually now thinking the mini or la bassine may be better anyway - I like the seat in the regular but it's fairly large and we don't have loads of space!

How did your trial run go puffylovett??

puffylovett Sun 06-Sep-09 22:30:26

There's a fair amount of space, it's like being in a big deep bath ! We heated the water to the correct temperature, which was actually much hotter than I was expecting and left me feeling all wiped out and relaxed. But when I got in - wow, I can imagine it's going to be really soothing for painful contractions. I didn't want to get out grin

We only filled it a third full and estimated it would take an hour to fill completely. The pumping up was quite quick, and the emptying out took the longest, probably took my other half about an hour and a half in total to siphon the water off and pack the whole thing away.

Twas great fun ! I just wish we had the space to leave it up so I could wallow to my hearts content every night grin

thisisyesterday Sun 06-Sep-09 22:37:00

hiya, mine is used, but has been cleaned very thoroughly by dp who is rather obsessive about these things
i believe you can get a liner for the la bassine now as well though

was hoping for around £80 inc postage for it

Lors23 Sun 06-Sep-09 22:58:36

Sounds good puffylovett....we are still trying to find a tap connector that will fit our mixer tap cos it's an odd shape - argh!

thisisyesterday - would you be willing to sell parts seperately or are you looking to get rid of it all together? I don't need a pump for blowing it up, and see above for the tap connector prob...I also thought you had to have a new hose each time too if it's been used to empty after a birth?

thisisyesterday Sun 06-Sep-09 23:09:49

would prefer to get rid of it all in one really

our tap connector is quite good, we had to buy it separately due to having similar probs to you with weird shaped mixed tap. it's a kind of clamp one like this

hose has all been cleaned out as well iirc

understand if you'd rather have it all unused though

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