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Desperately seeking... midwife who does hypnobirthing courses in west london...

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cluny Thu 27-Aug-09 18:00:43

I would like to do a hypnobirthing course but with a midwife trained practitioner rather than hynotherapist. I've been recommended one the other side of London (2 tubes and a train away) but wonder if anyone knows of one in west London? They seem to be rare. Any help gratefully appreciated x

childrenchildreneverywhere Fri 28-Aug-09 15:25:10

Why do you want to do a course with a midwife? she will not necessarily bring anything more to the course than a hypnotherapist (who may bring more to it than her as they are far more knowledgeable on the hypnosis/relaxation side of things)- being a midwife does not necessarily make you an experienced/successful HypnoBirthing teacher (the same can be true of any former profession).

The most important thing when choosing a HypnoBirthing practitioner is that you get on well with them and have a good rapport - be they a midwife, hypnotherapist or just a mum with no former knowledge whatsoever (some of the most successful practitioners I know fall into this latter category!), someone you trust, believe in and feel comfortable with. THAT is what will bring the best outcomes!

I can recommend Sarah Johnson who is a doula and hypnotherapist as well as a HypnoBirthing teacher, she is very experienced:


Montifer Fri 28-Aug-09 21:04:52

I did Natal Hypnotherapy and would recommend it. Self hypnosis (CDs) throughout pregnancy and a weekend course with midwife a month before the birth.
Enjoyed a wonderful pregnancy and a very straightforward birth.

The website has a list of practitioner profiles.

cluny Mon 31-Aug-09 19:07:33

Thanks so much both of you. Really helpful. Would you do NCT as well? Rachel

doulasarah Mon 14-Sep-09 15:35:24

smileThank you very much for the endorsement, childrenchildreneverywhere!!!
My new website is but emails to still get to me.
Sarah Johnson

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