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Can you refuse to be induced and ask for a C-Section instead

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onemoretimetoday Wed 26-Aug-09 18:40:47

My first DC was induced and whilst the labour was reasonably quick it was absolutely horrific. There was no time for an epidural, I was delirious with pain and the baby was delivered with ventouse. Both my husband and I were completely traumatised and it still brings me out in a cold sweat thinking about it. DC was an extremely unsettled baby with major feedng problems and I firmly believe that much of that was due to the circumstances surrounding the birth.

DC2 was a completely natural spontaneous vaginal delivery, also very quick and with no pain relief and it was the most wonderful textbook delivery which I relived in my head for months afterwards. Feeding went swimmingly and the whole thing was great.

I am now pregnant with DC3 and whilst I know that it's impossible to predict how labour will go I am extremely reluctant to be induced again. I will happily go to 42 weeks if necessary but given my history of fast labours and my experience with DC1 I cannot go through that induction experience again.

Do you think that there is any chance of requesting a C-section if I get to the point that induction is needed? I know that a section is not an easy option but it has to be better than my first experience. I am having a private delivery, having previously had NHS deliveries, so perhaps that may make a difference.

FabBakerGirlIsBack Wed 26-Aug-09 18:42:33

Of course you can ask.

I would chat to your midwife about things.

I assume you haven't had a section before?

onemoretimetoday Wed 26-Aug-09 18:52:00

No I have never had a section so obviously have no idea how it would feel but I cannot put into words the pain of an induced labour, it was so different to my natural labour and they kept turning up the drip to make the contractions come faster and faster and as I was dilating so quickly there was no time for an epidural and then DC got into distress and then about 20 people rushed into get him out with ventouse and I was screaming not knowing if I was coming or going because the pain wouldn't relent. They were telling me to push and I didn't feel any pushing sensations and he wasn't coming which is when they came in with the ventouse. My DH said that the registrar literally had his feet on the bed and was tugging and tugging. It was so horrible. Then he came out and he didn't cry for ages.

Nettee Wed 26-Aug-09 18:55:56

yes - they can't induce you without your consent. But they would try hard to persuade you. Even with induction it is more likely that your third labour would be more similar to your second than your first. You might not need the drip at all for example - you could consent to prostin and rupturing membrane but not syntocinon and see what happened? You can wait longer than 42 weeks and be monitored.

Good luck - hope you go into labour on time and don't have to worry about all that.

alarkaspree Wed 26-Aug-09 18:56:44

I would expect it to be no problem at all if you're going private. If you have insurance that is paying for it, you may want to talk to them about what their criteria are for accepting a c-section. I would think you have a strong case for arguing a medical need not to be induced because of a risk to your mental health.

But chances are it will all go swimmingly like your second birth. Good luck!

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