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Accupuncture/Reflexology to induce labour

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twinklegreen Wed 26-Aug-09 15:54:52

Hi I am pregnant with my third child due in September. I have a history of going very overdue (last pregnancy ended up being induced at 42wks) obviously I am stupidly hoping to have this baby on time and am looking into ways of helping things along. With the previous two have tried all the usual things (long walks, curry, pineapple, RLT, clary sage, jasmin oil, even sex... yes I was that desperate!) to no avail.

I am wondering if it's worth looking into accupuncture or reflexology to induce labour, and would appreciate hearing about the experiences of any of you who have tried either of them. Also looking for guidance about when is the best time to have the treatments and whether it's best to have a one off session or to have a few building up to the due date.

Thanks in advance smile

Oh and yes, I am aware that they come when they're ready!! (just hoping that this one will be 'ready' a bit sooner wink)

Mimile Wed 26-Aug-09 16:03:30

I'm having a shiatsu/accupuncture session tomorrow (will be 40+2).
Have one a week ago, felt quite sore afterward, wasn't expecting the pressure to be so strong. But baby still hasn't bulged. Will see if tomorrow's help...

Rhia30 Wed 26-Aug-09 16:08:23

I had one session of "pre-labour" acupuncture at 40+0 where they put needles on points to soften cervix and a couple on induction points. Not much effect and having a proper induction session at 41+0. They said usually a couple of such acupuncture sessions might be needed but the lady doing the acupuncture seemed to think (not surprisingly) that it very often works. Apparently they like to give it a go a few days before you're booked in for hospital induction to give it a chance. Very much hoping it will! Good luck!

Tillyscoutsmum Wed 26-Aug-09 16:08:30

I had reflexology with dd. It wasn't specifically to induce labour but I was told it would help "loosen" everything up so I didn't go over and the labour would hopefully be straightforward when it happened. I had 2 weekly sessions from 34 weeks. I went into labour 2 days before my EDD.

Tbh, I took it all with a pinch of salt but it was a very nice, relaxing foot massage, if nothing else smile. I suspect a lot of these things are physiological

twinklegreen Thu 27-Aug-09 07:57:47

Thanks for the replies, anyone else?

mrswee Thu 27-Aug-09 09:21:07

I have looked in to this and spoken to a reflexologist recently about it but I am also due in September so haven't tried it as yet.

She told me that there are certain points in your feet and ankles that stimumlate your uterus.
She also said that they can tell if you are are getting ready/ close to labor by feeling certain points in your feet. She said that if those points are showing the right signs then she would go ahead and stimulate all the relevent points.

They have started using reflexology in one of my local maternity hospitals so there must be something in it!

MiniMarmite Thu 27-Aug-09 09:30:19

I had reflexology from 12 weeks into my pregnancy (about once a month and then more regularly towards the end). I gave birth at 40+10 so can't say much for labour inducing properties in my case but it was wonderfully relaxing and helped me to sleep better.

OmicronPersei8 Thu 27-Aug-09 10:03:33

I tried both - still ended up with an induction. However, I did get a few twinges from the reflexology, and it was my midwife who recommended the acupuncture (but she also booked my induction for me, without any discussion, just told me 'and you're going into hospital on Wednesday, ok?')

Good luck!

Mimile Fri 28-Aug-09 10:50:05

Had another acupuncture / shiatsu session yesterday. I must have a very very low pain threshold, because each needle going in made me wince [hmmm].
Felt very zonked afterward, and had a few twinges, thought it was maybe the start, went to bed and then... nothing.
Back to the sofa, waiting...

chocolaterabbit Fri 28-Aug-09 14:33:15

I had acupuncture- was offered through my hospital. I had a session at 37+3, and another session at 38+4. Went into labour that night and DD born at 38+6. She hadn't been engaged until after that session (first baby) so I think there might have be something in it. Same sort of thing happened to my friend as well so definitely would recommend as being worth a shot.

twinklegreen Fri 28-Aug-09 15:42:19

Thanks that's really interesting, I'm leaning more towards accupuncture at the moment, but am a total wuss with needles so don't know if I dare! Thanks everyone.

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