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One sided burning pain after caesarean - anyone else had this?

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Benjy Tue 25-Aug-09 09:52:59

I had a caesarean a week ago and have had a pain in my left hand side that comes and goes. It is a searing burning pain that shoots out from the wound site. It is worse when I sit down or if I stand for a while. Was wondering if anyone else has had this and if its' normal. Also how long will it be before you managed say a 20 minute walk?

olivo Tue 25-Aug-09 12:38:45

i have had something similar benjy, my cs was 6 days ago. the pain is on the right side though, i find it is worse if i have been lying down on one side. i am hoping that as my wound has been deemed to be ok by the visiting mw, it is to do with the womb shrinking back or something. with regards to walks, lsat time i was walking eonugh for a short walk after about 12 days; this time, i feel muc hmore mobile sooner, but it was a planned cs.

hope yuo feel better soon, and congratualtions on your new DC smile

kitstwins Tue 25-Aug-09 13:50:13

One week in I still felt as if I'd been attacked by an axe. I had the shooting pains you describe - mine was the 'knot' side (i.e. one end of the bead stitching) and I think it was pulling a bit. However, if you're worried about it then go and see your GP or ask your midwife to look as reassurance is everything and means you can just concentrate on your new baby and recovering from your c section rather than worrying about healing, etc. I spoke to my midwife and GP about my scar and I was told the aches and pains were totally normal but I'm glad I asked - I think otherwise I'd have been worried that my innards were doing all sorts of crazy stuff.

Overall it was three weeks before I really felt back to myself. I went for a walk to the end of my road one week after my section and that made me feel dreadful and was really too much. Two weeks later I did a ten minute walk to the postoffice to pick up a parcel and the walk took my 50 minutes, by which time I was ready to lie down in the street. By 3 1/2 weeks I felt totally back to normal and could walk a normal distance. I felt like me again.


Notsochilledanymore Tue 25-Aug-09 13:58:25

I had that for a few weeks after my c-section 18 months ago - lasted for about 3-4 weeks, but then just disappeared one day. Asked by obgyn about it - he said it was really normal and is generally air trapped inside after the c-section hmm

MrsToffeeCrisp Tue 25-Aug-09 22:23:34

Not sure if this helps but have had 3 c-sections and the worst burning pain was after the second and it turned out I had an infection and needed two different lots of antibiotics. Does the actual wound look like its healing ok, it might be worth asking the GP to have a look?

I could manage a slow 20 minute walk after about 2 weeks, though needed a good rest when I got home! Don't rush the recovery though, IME as soon as you start doing normal things everyone assumes you're ok and its hard to go back to asking for help! smile

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